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July 29, 2010


And we’re off! Left at noon today!

Kind of feel like I need the theme to Chevy Chase’s Vacation playing here!

Made it all the way to Brownsburg before we stopped for lunch - but after that it was all business driving! Chris doesn’t relax until we are out of corn country so will be tomorrow when we hit The Black Hills before we stop shop talk so talked farming today and enjoyed the sprawling fields thru Illinois and Iowa along I-80!

As we were leaving Illinois Chris informed me that we were passing thru Henry County which he had been told was the top pasture hog production county in the United States - way back when - don’t know if this is true but still interesting to think about and something not just your average tourist would know!

*Note:  This is not my best photography as pictures like this I have to take while going 70mph down the interstate!

By the time we hit Williamsburg exit headed West Chris decided we needed to stretch our legs at the next exit! I look up excited and notice the next exit is an outlet mall just as he says “Oh not this one it must be the next one”! Yep it was - The Knize Plant! And just in time to see the planter fold! Of course pictures of the kids in front of the planter and tractor as well as the stack of grain carts!

And WESTWARD HO we go again!

July 26, 2010



The Sunday after the fair and all I have to do is go pick up 4-H projects at the fairgrounds - I leave home at 12:45 return with all projects collected at 1:30 and am headed for a nap!  5 hours later (yes you read that right - I was apparently exhausted) I am awaken by my Cowgirl telling me it is 6:30 and I need to get up and get the camper ready, the laundry done and the house cleaned we are leaving for Yellowstone on Wednesday!!!!!! 


Then in walks Chris - "Yep, you gotta a lot to do - I'll take care of the hog work - you just get all the laundry done, the camper packed and ready, your truck tires rotated, oil changed and that leaky tire fixed and find us a place to stay!"

My List:
Laundry - after a week at the county fair the dirty clothes are a mile high, OK not just because of the fair my laundry room always looks that way!

Pack Camper - Not to bad since I actually put it away last fall clean and repacked - but not sure where you get bear proof containers which are required in Yellowstone!

Truck Tires - obviously this requires a trip to town - doing that tmw.

Place to stay - leave it to us to decide to head somewhere at the last minute during peak tourist season, this happened a few years ago when we up and decided to go to Mt. Rushmore at the last minute - we kept seeing motorcycles everywhere and didn't realize until we couldn't find a room that we were in the middle of bike week in Sturgis!!!!!


July 24, 2010

"Spuds In The Bath"

AHHHHH the last Saturday of the Fair - one last thing to do and then our fair time is over!  We always work the Johnson County Beef Cattle Association Ribeye Stand!  We show up for work at 10am and end our shift at 3pm - this is our only venture into the world of food service so we as a family take full advantage of our 5 hours; thus the title of this post "Spuds in the bath"!

Our favorite things to holler at each other while working:
"Spuds in the bath"   -  french fries have been put in the oil for frying
"Order up"
"Hot off the grill" - as Chris flips his spatula around like he is working in a Japanese Steakhouse

Chris takin' charge of the grill!  He learned to toss the burgers in the air and flip them this year!

My cowgirl with her teenage look of enthusiasm workin' the cash register!

My Midget in charge of getting your drinks and always served with a smile!

And my Lil' Farmer the most enthuastic cashier ever!

I am really proud to serve on the Johnson County Beef Cattle Association Board and to know all the people that serve on it with me!  The money we raise during the fair goes for scholarships to  4-Hers that show cattle, we are a buyer in the 4-H Livestock Auction as well as various other activities through out the year that support the beef industry!

And PORK, but that is a whole other post!

July 22, 2010


11 Years Old Today!

You are my Sunshine and I Love You!

July 18, 2010

18 Years & Counting

Today is our anniversary and I could not think of any better way to spend it than we did!

Opening day at The Johnson County Fair - spending time with family and friends, hanging out at the stall, eating fair food!

Some days it is so hard to believe it is already 18 years and then there are those days that I can’t believe it hasn’t been longer! Truly our greatest accomplishment is Our Family - 3 beautiful, healthy, well behaved kids! The five of us have lots of fun together!

I am truly blessed to have Chris in my life and look forward to lots more years together!

July 13, 2010

Here I Go ~

I will have to be honest - blogging is something I haven’t quite figured out! I have looked and read several (well lots) blogs over the past few days trying to determine exactly why people blog! I really don’t “follow” any blogs at the moment, there are several that I occasionally check in on. So I sit and think about it and then become obsessed with the word BLOG - it sounds like a made up word, something a toddler is trying to say like “frog” but doesn’t come out right. And if BLOG is a word why is it always underlined in a word processor document like it is misspelled or in fact not a real word! Then I realize that my ADD (self diagnosed) has kicked in and I need to get back on the real subject! SO - why do people blog: for others; for themselves (kind of as a journal); for entertainment . . . . I realize that it can be for more than one reason but personally can’t come to grips why anyone would be interested in reading MY blog. I love my life, make no mistake, but it is my life and I wonder if others aren’t just as busy enjoying their lives so why take the time to read about my life!

But then I say (out loud because I do talk to myself) “What the heck - I’ll do it”! And so just like everything else in my life I will jump in head first, full of enthusiasm and figure out the logistics of it later!!!!