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July 24, 2010

"Spuds In The Bath"

AHHHHH the last Saturday of the Fair - one last thing to do and then our fair time is over!  We always work the Johnson County Beef Cattle Association Ribeye Stand!  We show up for work at 10am and end our shift at 3pm - this is our only venture into the world of food service so we as a family take full advantage of our 5 hours; thus the title of this post "Spuds in the bath"!

Our favorite things to holler at each other while working:
"Spuds in the bath"   -  french fries have been put in the oil for frying
"Order up"
"Hot off the grill" - as Chris flips his spatula around like he is working in a Japanese Steakhouse

Chris takin' charge of the grill!  He learned to toss the burgers in the air and flip them this year!

My cowgirl with her teenage look of enthusiasm workin' the cash register!

My Midget in charge of getting your drinks and always served with a smile!

And my Lil' Farmer the most enthuastic cashier ever!

I am really proud to serve on the Johnson County Beef Cattle Association Board and to know all the people that serve on it with me!  The money we raise during the fair goes for scholarships to  4-Hers that show cattle, we are a buyer in the 4-H Livestock Auction as well as various other activities through out the year that support the beef industry!

And PORK, but that is a whole other post!


  1. Lol! I have not heard that hollered before... but I think we might have to start saying "Spuds in a Bath" around here!

  2. Wish we had a Rib-Eye tent,m but we do have a vendor that serves pretty good rib-eye sandwiches. Benton County just isn't big enough to support a Cattlemen's tent. We have our fish fry today (see my blog). Happy end to your fair!

  3. Sounds like a great time!! Always enjoy eating a rib-eye at a county fair or state fair.