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July 29, 2010


And we’re off! Left at noon today!

Kind of feel like I need the theme to Chevy Chase’s Vacation playing here!

Made it all the way to Brownsburg before we stopped for lunch - but after that it was all business driving! Chris doesn’t relax until we are out of corn country so will be tomorrow when we hit The Black Hills before we stop shop talk so talked farming today and enjoyed the sprawling fields thru Illinois and Iowa along I-80!

As we were leaving Illinois Chris informed me that we were passing thru Henry County which he had been told was the top pasture hog production county in the United States - way back when - don’t know if this is true but still interesting to think about and something not just your average tourist would know!

*Note:  This is not my best photography as pictures like this I have to take while going 70mph down the interstate!

By the time we hit Williamsburg exit headed West Chris decided we needed to stretch our legs at the next exit! I look up excited and notice the next exit is an outlet mall just as he says “Oh not this one it must be the next one”! Yep it was - The Knize Plant! And just in time to see the planter fold! Of course pictures of the kids in front of the planter and tractor as well as the stack of grain carts!

And WESTWARD HO we go again!

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  1. Only farmers would think of this kind of yard art ;-) Be safe and enjoy the scenery. Sounds like the bears and buffalo are a bit aggressive out there, so be careful!