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August 10, 2010

All For The Love Of Sunshine

We had to have the vet come out yesterday!  One quarter of our cow herd has pneumonia!  Well that is really only one cow - but since we only have four she is one quarter of our herd!  She is really sick and I feel really bad for her, we ended up loading her and her calf (Molly Mae) up and bringing her home from pasture so we could medicate her easier and keep an eye on her!  She seems to be feeling a little better today and is eating and drinking, both good signs!

Her papered name is "All For The Love Of Sunshine" and she was bought as a 4-H heifer!  She has had 3 calves, all of which have been to the county fair for show as well!

Here is Sunshine the day we brought her home!

This is her first calf "Raye of Sunshine" with My Midget!

The heifer on the right is "Raye Of Sunshine"

This is her 2nd calf Rusty (at this point just looking for names no more puns)

This years calf "Molly Mae"


  1. I love Herefords, them and Simmentals are my favorite breed of cattle. Hope she gets to feeling better soon.

  2. I love how cows will clean and protect the baby's
    always wanting to know where they are. Hope she will be all right.