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August 8, 2010


My poor cowgirl didn’t sleep all night for real fear that a bear was going to rip thru the tent on her side of the camper. The first thing she said as we were waking up was “boy at 3am I was really regretting eating that smore in bed I figured the bear could smell the crumbs and come after me!”

I have always said even a bad shower is better than no shower at all - now even a shower I pay for is a good one! The majority of camping in Yellowstone is primitive (no showers, and only pit tolits) but there are a couple that do have flush tolits and water - and down the road a half-mile from the campground entrance are pay showers! And pay I was willing to do!

Once we were all clean and ready we once again bear proofed the camp site and headed out for more site-seeing. Today we headed north again on the east side of the park - thru what we now refer to as Buffalo Hell - I truly think the buffalo thought it was fun to block and back up traffic - up to Roosevelt. On the way we spotted a lot of people pulled off the road and using binoculars - Of course I had to stop! They were watching a mama bear and two cubs sun themselves on the side of the mountain! We hung around for quite awhile hoping to get some pictures but never really got a good one because mama bear wouldn’t stand up! We moved onto Roosevelt where we had a great lunch at the lodge there! Then we headed out of the park to drive BearTooth Pass over to Red Lodge Montana and then back!

Once again only pictures will do this justice!

On our way back to our camper we came across another group of people sporting their binoculars and scopes! More bears, we could see them with the binoculars but once again my camera did not have enough zoom!

We got back to our campsite at 10 pm (midnight Indiana time which our bodies were still operating on) and Chris whips out the grill, pork chops, applesauce and potato chips to prepare supper!!!! I was exhausted and the kids were beyond hunger and wanted to go to bed - and quite honestly could only think about the bear that was on the edge of the campground scoping out that nights dinner and smelling pork chops grilling and setting his sights on our camper! But when Chris has his mind set - and it involves food - well we all ate a pork chop sandwich! Once again we bear proofed the campsite and stashed the hot grill in my Explorer (honestly figured the Yellowstone headline the next day would be the fact that car burns up because idiots bear proof campsite by putting hot grill in truck!) and turned in with another day of site-seeing under our belts!

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