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August 9, 2010

A Beautiful Detour

Headed east on I80 we go, when not to long into our drive traffic is detoured due to a wreck! Going with the flow we decide to make the most of it and take Snowy Range Pass! A beautiful drive even thru the rain and cold (45 degrees by the time we reached the top). Also quite a bit of snow left on this pass.

Coming down we went thru Centennial and then into Laramie. From this point on it was all business - cruising thru Cheyenne and into Nebraska where we finally stopped for the night in Lexington, home of the Tyson Beef Slaughtering Plant. So odd the things we choose to know about different places that bring them closer to what we know.


  1. Hi Jen
    I am sure you will be glad to get home. Looks like you are headed that way. I hope you enjoy that temperature because it is HOT here in high 90
    Have fun