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August 4, 2010

Crossing South Dakota

Day 2 and cruising across the great state of South Dakota! A lot of driving today, we stayed just outside of Omaha last night so this morning drove North up the Missouri River and into Sioux Falls, South Dakota from there into Mitchell!

Why does the farmer shop at Cabela’s?

Because the chemical company’s give him gift certificates! Did a little shopping at Cabela’s and then headed over to show the kids The Corn Palace!

Realized while we were there that this is the 3rd time in my life I have been to The Corn Palace - I think this must say something about me but haven’t quite figured out what!

We have seen several custom harvesting outfits, more than a million round bales, lots of cattle - pretty much stuff we see everyday at home but are still intrigued and so excited to see - it is so different and the same all at once! One of my favorite things to see are the fields of sunflowers in bloom but too early in the year for that! We did see several fields, just not blooming yet so had to settle for all the sunflowers blooming along the interstate!
We did pull a Stephen (my Dad) thru The Badlands - pointed in the general direction of them and said “Hey kids look over there that’s The Badlands!” as we were cruising 70 mph down the interstate! I did however talk Chris into stopping at Wall Drug to stretch our legs and get a snack! He says that it is just a tourist trap and while I know he is right I have to confess that I am attracted to tourist traps! I have always wanted to stop and see “THE TWO HEADED COW” , “THE WORLDS LARGEST PRARIE DOG” or “A REAL LIVE JACKALOPE” every time we pass the signs on our way out west - but I have yet to cross that off my “bucket” list!

Next stop Mt Rushmore!

We decided to spend the night in Keystone, attracted by the flashing signs beckoning us to hotels for only $49.99 but we did drag the camper all this way so put it to use we must! The first campground we stopped at wanted $41.00 - seriously for a small gravel patch to park on, a tolit to use and a little electricity! So on we moved and then on and then on - till finally we gave in and decided we would just stay in a hotel - all the flashing signs were only beckoning singles for that great price - so we ended up camping in the back lot of a hotel (they call it a campground)! But we got set up and have a comfortable place to sleep (and the shower house is clean), we saw Mt. Rushmore lit up at night and still having a ball of fun together!

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  1. I have been to the Corn Palace! Probably only sage agriculturists truly enjoy such a place ;-) How fun!