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August 29, 2010

Earning Their Keep

We are a no allowance family!  We feel like if we provide room and board - you can help!  And when they need a little spending money we provide that!  There are also plenty of opportunities to earn extra money as well, and they always get a small amount of money when they sell their steers from the fair!

This is My Cowgirl bush hogging the cattle pasture!  We do this at least twice a summer - to keep it looking nice by knocking down the weeds the cows won't eat and also to make sure no weeds or grass are shorting out the electric fence.

This is My Midget AI'ing (Artificial Insemination) sows.  Sometimes her Dad has to help her balance because her legs aren't long enough to touch the ground!  She also picked up afterbirth and deads in the farrowing barn (not really picture material)!

My Lil' Farmer did the weed eating around the hog barns!  He also rotated the composter and buried the deads and afterbirth!

And that was just this weekend!!!!

Of course they also help around the house - but it is not near as fun to take pictures of them doing my work (OOPS I mean) helping me -  as it is to take pictures of them helping Chris!

1 comment :

  1. I love a mom who expects the kids to earn their keep!
    I grew up in a no-allowance family, too.
    We initiated an allowance in our family--not as payment for any work, because that's a requirement just because you live here--but to give our girls some practice with spending/saving/tithing.
    Plus--and here's the real bonus--under the advice of an older and wiser parent, "You'll want to give them an allowance so you can take it AWAY!"