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August 10, 2010

Ending On A Not So High Note

Day 10 - The plan is easy enough - head down to St. Louis from Hannibal using the river road, should take about an hour!  Eat Lunch!  Go up in the Arch and then a straight shot home with an ETA of 7pm.

The best laid plans.......

Who knew there would be a detour?  An hour of driving (following the detour) we are still only 20 miles from Hannibal and no where near St. Louis, but the detour is over and we are back on the river road headed to the Arch!

In St Louis we arrive, quick lunch at Fazoli's and off to the Arch we head!


Going Up!

At the top!

Cargill loading a barge!  It never ceases to amaze me when I find agriculture everywhere!

Back to the car we head - behind schedule some because there was a longer line that anticipated to go up in the Arch - but home we are headed!

We had to park in RV and trailer parking along the river down quite a ways from the Arch, when we get to the truck Chris climbs in the drivers seat thinking to himself "Why did Jen leave the glove box and console open and stuff scattered everywhere" while I am hollering "Why did you kids leave the window down on the truck we are lucky no one stole our stuff"  - when at the same moment we realize the window isn't down but has been broken out and stolen is what our stuff is!!!  After filing a police report we head home!
Literally the last pictures I took on Our Adventure were of our broken window and pilfered belongings!

But we are all safe that is what is important!  It could of been worse, right?  But wait - we are rounding 465 with our John Deere blanket flapping in the wind on one side of my truck when My Midget says "I don't feel good" - before I can even ask Chris to stop - Up it comes - all over the seat, herself and her brother - When my Cowgirl sees it she gets sick out the other window - all down the side of my truck and camper (she even claims the cars beside us were using windshield wipers)!  WE LOOKED LIKE WINNERS - puke out one side, JD blanket hanging in broken window on the other side and puke all over the inside!  I kept telling Chris he was going to have to stop but he said there was NO WAY, WE WERE GOING HOME!

At 11pm we pull the BarfWagon into the drive and OUR ADVENTURE is finally over!

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