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August 26, 2010

It's A Hot, Dirty, Dusty Job!

No - this is not about me cleaning my house!  The title would work perfectly for that as well but I am talking about cleaning out grain bins!

It is that time of year - out with last years crop to make room for this years!

Just for the record this is not bad photography - that is all dust/bees wings!  Ieventually climbed in the bin to get some pictures and they were a little clearer - just not much good light to work with in a grain bin!

All of this corn has to be moved out of the bin with the sweep auger, shovel and a broom!  This was only half the bin - Chris had already done the other half!

My job is very techinical - watch the lights and listen for the buzzer!
This is the "control" panel!  It runs everything at the bins!  I am only allowed to touch the buttons and switches that they tell me to - AND IN THE ORDER THAT THEY TELL ME TO!  Even I have cleaned out the pit enough to know that that is really important! 

We have 10 bins and can store approx. 150,000 bushels of grain!  That is a lot of sweeping!


  1. i've done that many a time, however I usually found the occassionaly mice or rat while we were doing it. that's when the barn cats came in handy. Hope your harvest is safe and prosperous!

  2. Look like you have gotten a good start We are still trying to clean and get ready And hauling away some
    I like your new look!!!

  3. Ours are clean! YIPPEE! I will share a secret with you: We use a leaf blower to move some of that loose corn around! Our new drying system is supposed to eliminate some of this labor. Not sure how it all works yet, but I'm sure once the snow starts blowing around, my husband will find the time to explain it to me! ;-) Have a safe harvest!

  4. Hi, this is Charlene Cheng from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. Currently we are developing a grain bin safety training material and would like to ask your permission to use one of these pictures in our training material. Please let me know (cheng140@purdue.edu).Thank you very much.

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