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August 9, 2010

Jackson Hole Bound

Day 7 Chris and My Midget got up early to take a 4 mile hike up Bunsen Peak! The rest of us slept in! I was so proud of both of them for getting up and hiking, they had a ball together and Chris even took a camera and took pictures!

After the hike we all at a great breakfast and loaded up!   We headed to the north entrance to see the famous entrance arch that Teddy Roosevelt helped build.  But the line of traffic coming into the park was huge and so we pointed it out to the kids and turned around.  Today’s drive started with a trek back thru what we now refer to as Buffalo Hell (faster waiting on buffalo to cross the road than for the construction crews on the other side of the park)! There are approximately 3000 head of buffalo in Yellowstone, almost positive by this point we have seen them all!

To the south entrance we headed, still enjoying the beautiful views but ready to head back to the Midwest where we belong!

Just about to the turnoff to The Petrified Tree we decided to turn off and go see it! Good choice in hindsight - had we not made the turn the car behind us would not of honked and flagged us down to let us know that something had come flying off or out of our camper!!!!!! Seriously???? Yep, again, Coles bag had fallen out down in a small ditch, under a log, upside down (did I mention earlier his bag is camo???). We did solve the mystery this time, locking the door did no good because the bag was pushing the door handle from the inside which unlocked it! Needless to say, no more bags traveled there!

Just before the south entrance we found a beautiful waterfall and a place where the kids could play in the water!

Next stop The Grand Tetons!

Thru the Grand Tetons and into Jackson! Where we stayed just long enough to get pictures under the antler arch and head out - it was crowded!!!!

After leaving Jackson we drove and drove and drove, stopped for supper in Pinedale, Wyoming at The Stockman’s and then drove to Rock Springs, WY where we stopped for the night!

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