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August 22, 2010

Let's Be Honest . . .

Sunday mornings around here are not the most pleasant!  There is usually some whining and complaining involved!  But once I convince myself and Chris that we really should go to church we wake up the kids and have the battle of getting everyone ready!

But NOT today!  Today I woke up a few minutes early, I took a deep breath and told myself "You can do it"!   AND WE DID - without screaming and crying and without me using any "non-church" words!

And here they are - all of their clothes are matching, our shoes are on, we are brushed and combed and faces clean - and all with enough time for a picture!

And this is my church!

This is the church my Dad grew up in, I grew up in and my kids are growing up in! 
This is the church Chris and I were married in!
My Mom and Dad, my brother and his family and my family still attend on a regular basis! 
I know everyone who attends this chruch on a first name basis, and love each and every one of them as I know they love me - I have known almost all of them my whole life! 
We sit in the same pew every week, most people do - one Easter a few years ago we were running late and when we walked in the sanctuary there was already someone in "our" pew and My Lil' Farmer looked at me and announced in all seriousness to everyone in the church "Someone is in our seat Mom - what are we suppossed to do?"!
On a good Sunday we average about 50 people!  Now on special occasions such as Easter and Christmas we have a good 100 in attendance!!!!

Some of my very best friends attend this church as well!

We have so much fun together!

My Cowgirl takes piano lessons from the same lady I took from - who happens to also be our church organist - so she gets to play in church as well for special occasions.

And in May of 2009 she finished her comfirmation classes and decided to join the church!

I love this church  - not necessarily because I feel closer to God (I do that 7 days a week no matter where I am) but because of the people that make it up!


  1. Sounds like MY house!!!
    Your kids are so cute.
    Sounds a lot like the church I grew up in. I like to go there when we visit home. We go to a much bigger church now (averages about 2000 each weekend). While it has so many resources and classes and such, there's a lot to be said for the intimacy of a small town church that feels like home.

  2. I love the small town church we go to now and the one my mom and dad go to in Brook! That is where we were married. Dorothy said it best when she told everyone, "There's no place like home!" Great post!

  3. Aw, well I'm sorry we weren't there on Sunday because you know how my girls love to climb in your lap! Love the pics, see you soon :-)