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August 28, 2010


Well I did it.  I wasn't planning to - but I couldn't help myself - I started (unwittingly, against my own advice) - and now I am deep in the middle and it seems the only way out is to trudge forward bravely!

I am a very start to finish person (ok not always so much with the finish) but I like to start at the begininning!  I never ever start a TV show in the middle and I NEVER start a series on television in the middle, if I haven't seen the pilot I won't watch it!  Which is the main reason I have   had never gone the The Pioneers Womans website, too much unread baggage for me to start now!

BUT - for some reason the other day I went!!!!!  And now I can't stop!  Oh and I started at the beginning!  That's right - I clicked on the little button half way down on the Confessions Page that said "Montly Archives....Got an hour?  Got 800 hours....."  Yep, I clicked it - and she ain't kiddin' - I have become additcted!  I don't even think I could (or would want to) calculate the number of hours I have spent reading - just as a reference I am into Feb. of 2007, but then got sidetracked with Black Heels to Tractor Wheels!  Now I go back and forth!  Not to mention when I feel like I should take a break it is only to go into recipes and photo advice!

I read in the morning, afternoon and into the wee hours of night/morning!  Just as an example - I picked up again last night at about 8pm read until 1am (luckily I have a laptop) when I fell asleep reading - woke up this morning to the phone ringing - boars out! - helped put them away and right back into bed to read!  Decided I was hungry, made cookies for breakfast, took a shower and decided I really need to get outside and get something done - so I moved to the porch swing outside to read more!!!!!

Yep, definatly in trouble - really need help...
Gotta get busy - MORE TO READ


  1. Giggle giggle You are too funny! Keep it up though; this is a good project! Maybe a bit OCD, but it could be worse! ;-) HAVE FUN!

  2. All right you big goose! Now I AM READING PIONEER WOMAN FROM MAY 'O6 :-P Oh the power of suggestion, it is sooooo bad! ;-)

  3. Now you got help. You and Lana can read together
    Before you know it everyone will be on her blog

  4. I found that site just a week or two ago (after a zillion people were talking about it!). Anyway, by coincidence, she was on TV the next day. I could've read all night, myself. I didn't know where to start!
    I think I clicked on only one archieve post, but I saw where that was going (apparently YOU went there!) and I had to stop. I don't do well on minimal sleep!

  5. I have been hooked for a couple of years now. Truthfully, the older stuff is funnier, at least in my opinion. If you haven't tried her recipes yet, start now! Chris will love you even more :-)

  6. I remember the night I told my sister about her. She literally pulled an all nighter reading Black Hills to Tractor Wheels.

  7. Glad we are pulling more and more folks into this world. I don't go a day without taking a quick peek. Beyer Beware and I spent 30 minutes the other day looking for a specific post on PW that I just HAD to show her!

  8. Welcome to the dark side...hahaha. I just told our college aged babysitter about the PW. She is cursing me now. She started reading yesterday and got nothing done yesterday. We are all suckers, all of us. I pretty much want to be her when I grow up.