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August 5, 2010

On The Road Again! ( you have to sing this)

Broke camp this morning! (Always wanted to say this) We were pretty proud of ourselves, did a good job and seemed to accomplish it in record time working together!
Now packed up and on the road again, we rounded the backside of Mt Rushmore hoping to find the back half of George, Tom, Teddy and Abe but to our disappointment all we found was rock!

Drove thru Deadwood and Spearfish and reached the Wyoming state line! Detoured for a quick trip up to Devils Tower, the kids loved climbing on the huge boulders at the base.

While climbing on the base Chris got a call from his Dad about the farm market and when we got to the car he put his farmers hat back on (not really sure he ever took it off) and called our grain buyer to sell some grain - farming is not a job you leave at the office, he is working 365 days a year - no matter where he is!

Here we come Cody, Wyoming! We drove thru The Big Horn Mountains over Powder River Pass!

Apparently I fell asleep sometime after The Big Horn Mountains and according to Chris at the town of Tenmile the ground turned into a vast wasteland that was like being on the moon! We headed north at Worland to GrayBull and saw lots of sugar beets and barley fields. The barley was being harvested for Coors. And into Cody we drove! We stopped for dinner in Cody and headed toward the East entrance of Yellowstone where we found a campground sitting right on the shore of Buffalo Bill Resorvoir! We set up camp, Chris and my cowgirl went back into Cody for groceries and supplies for camping in Yellowstone! My midget and lil’ farmer had a blast playing on the shore! I got to have a campfire and then off to bed!

The view from our camper door!

Being pirates on a "deserted island" digging for treasure!

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