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August 19, 2010

Today I Was A Hog Farmer

It's weaning week!  So this morning Chris asked if I would help down at the hog barns while he swept out a grain bin!

So armed with my instructions and map (of where to move pigs) I headed down to find my trusty sidekick Josh (our hired guy)!  Well - Josh does this a lot more than me so I guess I would be his trusty sidekick - OK fine I was Josh's lacky for the day!

To make room for all these little guys in the nursery:

We started out by shifting 2 pens of big finishing pigs into one pen (has to be a new pen so no pigs have home court advantage on bullying) .  Now time to move smaller finishing pigs into the empty pen.
So after shifting around about 80 head of hogs it was time to move 140 nursery pigs into the finishing barn!  This is not easy - pigs don't like to go out doors - and today I know why - it was hot outside and nice and cool in the barns!

 Then it was washin' time!

and more washin'

and then a McDonald's break for lunch with Chris in the shop,

and then more washin'

and that is cleaner than my kitchen!

Seriously!  Cause when I got home I had to clean the kitchen -

wish I could just use the pressure washer!

but I got it done - it was still the worst job of the day!


  1. I can so relate! I have to go help move round hay bales home, which is not a bad thing to do; I'm just not sure how the laundry is going to do itself???? Oh the joys of being a farmer's wife and being asked to "help." At least you have a Micky D's close by. Ours is about 15 miles away!

    Good job on the kitchen!

  2. Man you worked your tail off! I think Chris should have cleaned the kitchen for you. It's the least he could do:)

  3. I feel your pain! A whole day working, then a messy kitchen! Sets me off every time!
    BTW, I found the gigantic marshmallows at Meijer, if you have one near by.
    Enjoying your blog!