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August 8, 2010

Westward Ho Farther and North Too!

Day 6 of Our Adventure started with Chris cooking us breakfast! Bacon and eggs and boy were they good!

After breakfast we broke camp (yep still fun to say) and headed north thru Yellowstone toward Mammoth Hot Spring where we were to spend the night! Lots to see on the way too!

Old Faithful was our first stop!  I blows every 90 or so minutes and we were lucky to get there just about 15-20 minutes before, so we didn't have to wait tooo long.  As we are standing there waiting Chris looks at me with all seriousness and says "This is like waiting for water to boil!"  - we both just cracked up laughing!

Next stop Firehole Lake Drive! What? The camper door is open! I’ll get out and close it - uhhh Chris there seems to be a bag missing! Well we will have to backtrack and find it - well after we complete this 2 mile one way drive!

Here’s the plan: Chris drops Midget and me off at the beginning of the Firehole Lake Drive and we will walk it since it is one way and we really didn’t get far before we noticed the bag was gone - Chris and the other two drive back toward Old Faithful keeping an eye in the ditches and along side the road - we will meet back at Firehole Lake Drive!

Honestly didn’t occur to me in the panic of the situation that this was bear country and My Midget and me would be walking alone down the road - just us, no car, nothing but bear bait! I didn’t say anything out loud but was really conscious of every little noise - I had really wanted to see a bear but this situation was not how I had it pictured - me being eaten! We made it to the spot of the discovery and had not found the bag so we sat and waited! Pretty soon the cavalry showed up - the missing bag found - just sitting in the middle of a turn lane! That was a close one, we will defiantly be more careful putting the bags in and LOCK the camper door from now on!
On with the fun! We finished driving Firehole Lake Drive for the second time taking time to actually enjoy it and look around. Then we headed to Firehole Canyon Drive - wow it was beautiful! We stopped to go swimming in the swimming hole then saw the waterfall on our way out!

Decided to head out the west entrance to see West Yellowstone, Montana where we ate lunch! Once back in the park and headed to Mammoth we spotted an eagles nest, didn’t see the eagle but loved seeing the nest, it was huge!

Mammoth Hot Springs! There were elk in the yard and just walking around, the one by the visitors center just cracked me up, it was like she was told to stand there and welcome people! The hotel was beautiful so My Cowgirl and me walked around the lobby and grounds while Chris and the other two took the hike around the springs and terraces.

Then we all settled in for the night! No reason to worry about bears tonight!

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