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September 21, 2010

Farm Safety Is For EVERYONE!

This is officially Farm Safety Week!

**Please step back so that I can mount my soapbox**

Oh where to begin - I guess with yesterday's mornings news!  In my book it is always farm safety week on this farm - I have been Official Farm Safety Monitor Czar on this farm for quite some time - continually lecturing everyone and pointing out safety violations - like the Rolling Combine Mount/Dismount - this one just sets me off; the not putting the tractor in PARK when getting out; the line "I am in a hurry, I don't normally do that!"; 

Snapping out of it and getting back on track - - - -

 I was watching Channel 13 News yesterday morning when they did a short clip on Farm Safety Week - YEAH CHANNEL 13 for covering this very important topic!!!!

Maybe first I should tell you a little of my background and why Farm Safety is one of my things:

In the mid-50's by paternal Grandfather lost both of his arms up to his elbows in a corn picker accident.  The picker had become plugged with stalks and in true farmer fashion he did the job that needed done and as the stalks were released and pulled into the picker so were his hands.  My Grandfather was amazing he continued to farm until his death in 2001 at the age of 84.

In the 1974 my Mom's brother was 16 and loved helping on the farm.  During harvest that year he was getting out of the passenger side of one of the semi's while it was rolling and his pant leg got caught by the tire.  It pulled him under the wheel and he was killed.  I was only 4 at the time and can only imagine now what that must of been like for everyone.

This is why this is something I hold so dear to my heart.  I truly believe that Farm Safety is not just for those directly involved in production agriculture either - EVERYONE needs to keep this in mind!  The people driving on the roads with equipment, kids who love to watch equipment work while standing in their yards, kids who live on farms, farm wives, farm hands and FARMERS!  This is one area I don't mind being a nag about (OK there are probably several areas where I am a nag) but this is so important - it truly is life or death!

A couple of my favorite web sites for kids safety:

Farm Safety 4 Just Kids
(picture from web site)

(picture from web site)

These and other websites have coloring pages you can print off - a great thing to send with the kids to color while they are riding - a lesson and entertainment - and a great one on one time to talk about how they need to be careful!



  1. Great reminder, Jent! I think we all have memories of close calls around the farm. Sorry to hear you have such personal reminders of why farm safety's important. Life's too short to not put the tractor in park!

  2. Oh! I just read all your posts from your family road trip! Looks like we will be headed the same direction...although our final stop will be Big Sky ski resort in Montana...your pictures definitely get me excited!

  3. Excellent reminders and so, so important!! :)