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September 24, 2010

How Did I Get Here?

So I know everyone wants to know the answer to this question about all farmwives - so Heather on her blog 3 Kids and Lots of Pigs started this neat project as part of her Farmer Friday posts and at the end of my post is a whole list of others who answered this question as well!

Soooo how did I get here?

Oh how I hang my head in my hands and ask myself this everyday!!!
Well, I was born on a mountain top in Tennessee, greenest state in the land of the free - wait that was Davy Crockett

I was born a poor black child - nooo, that was Steve Martin in The Jerk

My Pa was a farmer and Ma a school teacher - really this is me, well Laura Ingalls too but this is about me! My Dad was/is a full time farmer and my Mom was a/now retired school teacher! I am the oldest of 3 kids - my sister is 2 years younger (fought our entire childhood) and lives in Gunnison, Colorado (best friends now - amazing what 800 miles will do) with her husband and 4 kids! My brother is 5 years younger than me, his wife and 4 kids live in the house I grew up in (my dad grew up in this house also).  My Dad raised corn, soybeans, Pioneer seed corn when we were growing up and also had a cow/calf herd as well as finishing out the calves. Now my brother farms with him and they raise the same crops but no longer have cattle.

That's right I started early bringing home the bacon and fryin it up in a pan!
(Sorry about that is was truly the only thing I could think of when I saw these two pics together)

Here is Mom and Dad and us kids in 1975!

This is probably Kindergarten and I only posted it because pig tails just make me smile!

This was in 1983 (I really should of made the year a guessing game) at The Grand Canyon!  The lack of rain during '83 rivals this years dry spell - so my Dad decided he was not going to sit around and watch 2000 acres of crops dry up and die - so he put all 5 of us in a 1970's something Winnebago and headed west for 30 days - It was one amazing trip, the experience of a lifetime!

It's OK - go ahead and be jealous (or laugh hysterically) I was FFA Chapter Sweetheart!

 Ah Yes - my 1988 Senior Picture!

I think I must have always wanted to live on a farm when I grew up - but honestly was something I didn’t really “plan”. After high school I attended Purdue for 2 years but was homesick the whole time and then there was also that studying thing you were supposed to do at college - yeah I was not so good at that - so I came home pretty much with no plan.

That is when I met Chris…..at a bar…..in downtown Indy called Cowboys - please tell me someone else remembers this place.

He spotted me across a crowded room, he thought I was beautiful, he wanted to meet me (seriously, I didn’t make this up - these are his words)! Luckily we had a common acquaintance and realized that we had lived only 7 miles (just across the county line) from each other our whole lives - but he was much older than me (really only 4 years but still older) so we hadn’t crossed paths!

 I include this picture only as example of how my hair looked when I met Chris - he thinks it should still look like this today - I will give you a moment to laugh hysterically!

The above 2 pictures were taken on our 3rd date - The Johnson County Fair Tractor Pull - the first time he held my hand and my heart!  Look at him - go ahead - he is so cute and young and he had hair (he says only because he had only spent 3 evenings with me now there is less and he somehow thinks that's my fault!)!!!!!

At the Indiana State Fair in 1992!

I loved getting to know Chris - I spent lots of time riding with him in the field and to sell hogs. That gives you lots of time to talk and get to know each other - he is funny, sweet, sarcastic and is passionate about family and farming and family farming. He knew what he wanted to do the rest of his life and I knew I wanted to do it with him!

Long story short we got married one year and two days after our first date. He hauled a load of hogs to Columbus one morning and then drove his truck and trailer over to the mall, walked in a jewlery store and bought a ring!

We were married in the small country church that I grew up in and then rode a tractor and hay wagon back to my parent's house for a hog roast (one of our hogs) in my parent's backyard!

 We were lucky when it came to house hunting - the original home on the farm had been sold off about 20 years prior and came up for sale as we were looking for a place to start our lives together, it was a no brainer that this is where we wanted to live- this is where we still live today, we have since done a major remodel (5 people in 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen cabinets from when indoor plumbing was put in . . . whole other story) with keeping the integrity of the history of the home! I love our home!
Our house (in the background) around the turn of the century! 

 In 1992 when we bought it!

A couple of years ago after we added on!

We have 3 amazing kids - 14, 11 and 7 (check out my Favorite People page). I am proud to say they are growing up in the midst of production agriculture, just like Chris and I did. I love the fact that everyday can be take your kid to work day. That Chris’ job is our way of life, something that we all work together to do and can all take pride in. That someday if they want to my kids can be the 7th generation to work this land that we work today. I just love living and working on our farm!

 Casey Elizabeth - 1/11/96

Emi Lou - 7/22/99

Coleman Jay - 12/13/02

So I guess I was born into it!  You probably wish I would of just said that at the get-go!  Today Chris and I farm 2000 acres of corn and soybeans, we have a farrow to finish hog operation and sell 2000 head of fat hogs a year.  I am lucky that I get to be a stay-at-home Mom but also get plenty of tractor and hog barn time!

I have lived every single day of my life in the midst of production agriculture and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

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  1. Gasp! Your sister lives just minutes from my most favorite place in the world, Crested Butte, CO!

    Loved your story and pictures! What is it with guys and long hair? It is such a PITA, but it was nice to pull up in a pony tail. ;-) Keep on keepin' on! Be safe too; we have had a lot of fires in the area, esp. yesterday!

  2. I love your house! The history and renovation is so cool! My sister is 18 months younger than me and we fought like crazy growing up. But - like you - we are now best friends!

  3. Love your story!!! I need to see more of your house, too!

  4. Since I know you so well in real life, I have to say that this post sums it right up. My two favorite parts were seeing how much Emi Lou looks like you used to (especially the pic of you in the kitchen) and the old pic of your house. Not many people have so much family history in one place. Such a fun family!

  5. This is a great post!
    Love that 80s hair! I'm seconding Lana's comments... my husband is stuck on that hair still, too!!!
    I want also tell you that I was FFA chapter sweetheart, too. I tried explaining it to a couple young whipper-snappers in FFA now and they thought I was making it up!