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September 14, 2010

I Finished It!

I can't believe it!  This project is a classic example of why I diagnosed myself ADD!  I started this project about 15 month's ago - and while I did have to wait for the pictures to be printed on canvas - this project really did not take more than 4 hours of my time!

But now it is done and hung on the wall AND I LOVE IT!

I wanted to spell our last name using pictures of letters from signs of places that mean something to us as a family!  This was challenging and fun - I made Chris and the kids help pick places!  Then we went around taking the pictures, I turned them sepia and had them printed on 5x7 stretched canvas frames.  Once I got the pictures back I used metal straps to hold the stretcher frames together then I asked one our neighbors for two old pieces of barn wood (which he gladly gave me) I measured the length and height of the letter pictures and used the jig saw to cut the middle out of the barn wood pieces then put the letters in holding them with metal straps screwed to the wood - then hung it on the wall using a picture hanging kit I got at the store!  I was going to take pictures of the process but wasn't quite sure it would all work (things like this tend to work in my head really well but not so much in real life) but this did and once it was hung there was no way I was taking it back down to get pictures of the back!

Here are our final choices that we used:

The Art"C"raft Theatre - this is the one screen movie theatre is town.  Chris and I used to go to movies here when we were dating, now it is a historical site and they show old movies here several times a year and we love to take the kids.

The Johnson County F"A"ir Grounds sign - have never missed a fair since we started dating (except for our honeymoon) and now that the kids are so active in 4-H this is a place we spend lots of time in the summer as a family!

"M"i Pueblo - Our favorite Mexican restaurant in town!

Indiana State "P"ark sign - we love to camp in the state parks!

"B"oggstown sign - where I grew up and we go to church!

John D"E"ere - self explanatory

The Wi"L"lard - one of our favorite bars/restaurants!

The Welcome To Frank"L"in sign!


  1. So nice you used places that meant something to you. What a great conversation piece!

  2. That is neat would not of thought of doing something like using the letters out of words
    I like the thought. Fond Memories

  3. This is really neat especially since you used places that are special to all of you.