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September 8, 2010

I Rode With My Dad Today

It has been years since I had riden with my Dad!  I actually can't remember the last time!

I guess it started yesterday really - about 3 hours after I posted the stickie notes on my blog about fire extinguishers and safety I got a call that there was a field fire in the field in front of my Dad/Brothers grain bins!  Long story short - cigarette butt causes fire, 2 volunteer fire departments later and one (already harvested) field fire is put out and kept relatively small!

Anyway the first thing My Lil Farmer wants to do when he gets off the bus today is "GO SEE GRANDAD'S BURNT FIELD"!  Well I have to admit I was curious too - so away we go!  While we are over there I call Dad to see where he is working and go say "Hey"!  When we get there the first thing My Lil Farmer wants to do is ride with my brother in the combine - so I think to myself , why should he have all the fun - so I hopped in the Mack with Dad and haul a load!

All their grain has to go past the house I grew up in (where my brother, sister-in-law & 4 kids live now) - it always has.  When I was a kid I can remember the semi's going past all day but I distinctly remember that every night during harvest my Dad would blow the air horn one long blast to let Mom know that that was his last load and that after he dumped he would be in for supper!  We didn't have a 2-way radio in the house and this special signal was just something that he did to let her know he was almost done for the day.  I can remember seeing the truck coming and then hearing the air horn and running in the house to tell her - I wonder if I really thought she couldn't hear it?

I enjoyed the load I hauled with him today, I had not been back to their grain bins in a long time!  They had changed some stuff around and added some new stuff.  I asked lots of questions and he answered them!  Driving back past my brothers house I did have a desire to honk the air horn and then show up on my sister-in-laws doorstep 20 minutes later and ask where supper was - after all I was going to blow the horn!!!!!


  1. You know there are somethings we do growing up we just don't forget. That is habit or sometimes it makes us more comfortable. Like eating comfort foods

  2. Dad loved it when the kids, grandkids, friends, etc. shared in the farming, a real passion of his. This story confirms that fact that each day should be a memory making day. Love you lots, mom

  3. That's what is nice about this blog, your head, and your heart! They all work together to remember and tell the IMPORTANT stories. Hugs!