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October 11, 2010

Awwww We Were Hearted!

This morning when Chris opened up the paper this is what we saw:

Our local paper runs "Hearts and Darts"!  It is a neat little editorial section that you can write thank yous (Hearts) and not so nice things (Darts) to people in the community, they are always fun to read and really one of my favorite things in the paper!  And always nice to see a "HEART" with your name!

A couple weeks ago I was taking My Cowgirl to soils practice one evening when she noticed some smoke one road south of our house!  We immediately went over to it and it was a fire!  It started in the ditch and was moving fast, the wind was really blowing that day and I have honestly never felt more helpless than standing there watching this fire spread so fast!
We of course called 911 immediately but it truly seemed time stood still while the fire spread.  I knew Chris was dumping a truck at our grain bins and as soon as I hung up with 911 I called him to get a tractor and disc over there - then I remembered we had taken our "fire department" - our disc and water tank - to the other side of town that morning where we were cutting beans!  But in true farmer fashion he ran down to the hog barns hooked up the chisel plow and came barrelling across the field - to me he truly was a shining knight on a white horse - he arrived just as two volunteer fire departments were arriving!  My Cowgirl and I jumped in the cab with him and we put the plow in the ground and drove.  This was the first time I had help put out a field fire (well really any fire), I won't lie there was an adrenaline rush but more so it was scary, hot and very smoky.  To properly put out a field fire you need to drive the tractor over the fire so that you plow the fire under to put it out and this also turns the field trash under so that the fire can't spread.  By the time this fire was put out it had burned approximately 70 acres spread into a woods (luckily minimal damage) took 3 volunteer fire departments, one City of Franklin fire station, 3 tractors\plows and 2.5 hours.

I was raised not to expect a pat on the back for something that you should do - but boy sometimes a pat on the back feels good!


  1. Way to go!!

    Our paper has Hoots and Hollers. I think I like it being called Hearts and Darts better as I have never seen that nice of comment in there.

  2. We love the 'Hearts and Darts' and I'm glad you got one for your quick work!

  3. I bet you wish you hadn't had to be such great neighbors. It's great to know that there are good neighbors like you though! These field/road side fires are so scary. Stupid cigarettes!

  4. Wow!
    How do you know how to do that?
    I guess, if I thought about it a while, I would figure it out, but certainly not that fast!
    So, since you had a taste of the thrill, are you thinking of a career change?

  5. Good for you and the family always feels good to do something for some else