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October 7, 2010

Dirt Is The Stuff Underneath Your Fingernails!

*My Cowgirl is "guest" posting!

Me "outstanding" in my soils field!

Whats on the ground is called soil.  It’s a layer on the Earth’s crust that provides a combination of resources. Soil is actually one of the most important things on the Earth for 3 reasons. 1) Plants grow in soil. 2) Plants support animal life. 3) We eat plants and animals. So without it we would DIE.

Soil is 45% mineral matter, which is decomposed rock, silt and clay. 5% organic matter which is decomposed plant and animals (lovely right?), 25% Air, and 25% water. The more water, the less air.

If you gave me a hole in the ground I could tell you the parent material (what the soil is made up of) the slope of the area around it (how steep it is), the landform, the surface color, the erosion, the texture of the surface soil and the subsoil, the soil drainage, and the limiting layer.

If you ever need to know any of this about your soil, come to me, because I am a state champion… as a junior… and I’m pretty good at it, if I do say so myself. ;)

YES! You did read that right. State champion soil judger people! My first year too! Franklin is pretty BA at this stuff. Last year my junior team, which consisted of Chase, Makayla, and me got 2nd in state as juniors in our first year of soil judging.

Franklin State Soils Teams at 2009 Contest

This year our whole Franklin team is huge. One masters team, 1 senior team, and 3 junior teams. Yesterday we had our area soils contest and we all did fantastic job. All of us but one junior team are going to state which is going to be October 29-31.

I love soils. Its challenging, interesting, and we have soo much fun. Makayla is now one of my best friends because of soils. I love all the people on the team. I really can’t wait for state. We are going to have so much fun. (: If we get in the top 6 teams we get to national soils, which is in Oklahoma. And that will be a trip to remember, just like every soils trip is! (:

So remember, call me to judge your soil. Respect the land and the soil. Cause without it, we would DIE!! And lastly, it’s SOIL not DIRT!!

P.S. You can’t drain a floodplain. That’s just common sense. :P


  1. What an impressive entry!! I love flowers, vegetables and gardening but certainly would have better success if I had a little bit of your knowledge. I have a question though, is your judging team 4H or FFA or some other group? Remember, I am from Louisville and not very well versed on the farm scene but nevertheless, very interested.

  2. You are great!!! Keep up the good work!!!!
    And Have Fun

  3. Congrats!
    I was a soil judger--back in the day. I was no where near that good! I think it's terrific!

    I think it's cool you are guest-posting for your mom. My daughter is my blog partner (though homework is taking up more time than we planned!).

    I always enjoy reading you mom's blog!

  4. Great job on the guest post and on talking so eliquently about soil. My husband was on Purdue's soil judging team and placed well at their various events. Keep up the good work!

  5. Love your guest post! Sounds like your passion for soil will serve you well in life.