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October 14, 2010

I Got A Guy

And I couldn't be more excited!  My sister got a guy about a year ago and kept telling me I really needed to get one because it was great!  So I begged and begged and after living in our remodeled, added on to home for 6 years I finally got one!

Backing up just a bit - I come from (and so does Chris) a very do-it yourself kind of family - "If we can do it why pay someone else!" - which is great in theory but by the time the farm and livestock work gets done who wants to come in the house and do finish projects.  About six years ago when we added on we saved a ton of money by doing the majority of work ourselves:
I was our general contractor - I priced and bought all the framing lumber, windows, appliances, fixtures, light fixtures, flooring.  I found all the contractors that we needed to hire and made sure all the permits and inspections were done.
Chris did all the demolition, foundation, plumbing, insulation, hard wood flooring and a million other little things.  He was also helped me (a little) with the contractors and shopping all while he also farmed full time and took care of the hogs.
The Father-In-Law was our electrician (he is an excellant electrician and loves dimmer switches and multiple light swithes for the same light - one light in our kitchen can be turned on and off at 5 different locations!).  He helped from beginning to end and we couldn't of done it without him!  He was also my HEAVY - being sure everything was done perfect!

Did I mention that we did this whole project during harvest, had to move out, and had 3 little kids (1st grade, 3 and a half, and a newborn!  Oh and then there was the whole "Hey Jent we are tearing off the kitchen in one hour you need to get it cleaned out!" - that was all the warning I got!

So there are several projects around here that didn't get finished because real life and work got in the way - so in comes my guy!

*both porch's now have ceiling detail work done!
*my kitchen backsplash is being tiled as I type!
*the last little bit of trim in the bedroom will go up!
*piece of siding on the house that blew off during storm is fixed!
*I will have a closet door!
and quite a few other things!

I really think I like having a guy - I think every girl needs one!


  1. I need a guy to do those types of things, too. And drywall the nursery, and replace windows, and side the house.

    But first, I need the money. :)

    My story is a lot like yours - dad and hubby did a lot of work, and then the farm came, and the house remodel stopped.

  2. Lol! I came from the same type of family and it is hard for me to hire things that I know I could do myself...however, nothing feels better than when I cave and hire someone to do those things I never get to... LOVE it! Congrats on your guy! I hope you have many more encounters...lol!

  3. I am soooo jealous!
    I can't tell you how long the pile of lumber to finish the downstairs half-bath has been taking up one parking space in our garage! (not mine--I'm not scraping when it's a frosty morning!)
    That bathroom got started when Baby Daughter was 2 weeks old...She's nearly 11!

  4. Hi, Jent!
    Wanted you to know I gave you an award over at my blog: