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October 27, 2010

One Happy Farmer

He got to get out his moldboard plow!

We haven't had it out in a couple of years - last fall harvest went into December then there was just no time to do much fall plowing and this year the ground is so dry and hard, we have been doing some chisel plowing and turbo tilling.  But we did have farm with some older waterways on it that really needed them redone - so he pulled out his moldboard plow to fill in and level them out, then he ran the disk over them to level them out and drilled some new grass seed over them so next spring they will be ready!

Moldboard plowing is an art (according to Chris), when it is done correctly it is good for the soil and the farmer.  Almost anyone can run a chisel plow but moldboard plowing takes skill that comes with time and practice.  Chris taught me how to moldboard plow about 10 years ago when we really did quite a bit, there is nothing like seeing 2 and 3 tractors and moldboard plows running in a field, seeing those shares slice into the soil and completly turn it over wrapping the crop residue into the black soil to decompose and nourish the dark topsoil that was turned up.  Like I said it is an art and I was allowed to plow between the lands but never did I learn the technique of laying off a straight land or filling in a dead furrow, which is one reason moldboard plowing is not done a whole lot anymore, it takes a lot of time.

And so while he didn't get to lay off his famous perfectly (without GPS) straight lands, work for hours bringing them together and then meticuloussly and flawlessly fill in his dead furrow so that no one can see where it is - he did get to spend a few hours lowering his moldboard plow into the ground and turning under this years crop residue into the beautiful black topsoil that a farmer loves so much!  That makes my Plowboy smile which always makes me smile!


  1. I am amazed by all the giddy farmers who are getting to use their plows. Cracks me up.

  2. I got to "rip" this fall. That was a whole lot of fun b/c I pulled the "ponds" and was down to like 2 mph and getting the crap shook out of me. I was actually out there so Tall Guy's back would stay where it's supposed to. Took one for the team! The sub-soiling is kind of neat too because you are working the ground without turning it up and over. That ground, though, is pretty danged hard! Wait 'til I post about my new landscape piece! Let's just say it was delivered out of the field to my door with a big CAT! Glad your Plowboy is a happy camper tonight!

  3. That is art form in itself! I agree - if it makes my man happy - it makes me happy! :)