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October 24, 2010

Shuffling Into Middle Age!

Well I did it - I always swore I wouldn't and I thought I meant it - I wasn't going to take the road my parents took - quite frankly it just seemed silly - sitting around playing Euchre till midnight on a Saturday night!  But I caved - yes, I played 16 rounds of Euchre Saturday night - AND I HAD FUN!

I can remember when my parents started playing in a card club - I thought to myself at the time (I was in high school) "You have got to be kidding that is what you want to do for fun once a month!" - I am a Hoosier I have always known how to play the game but to take it that seriously just wasn't my style . . . . until now!

We have a great group of friends we have gotten to know real well thru showing cattle at the county fair - it is always a tradition on Thursday night during the fair to meet at The Willard - all the work and shows for the week are behind us, the kids are having a ball just hanging in the cattle barn not having to wash and groom - just being kids and we are just having a good time, well without the kids, just us adults!  Well someone suggested this year that it would be fun to do this a little more often than just the week of the fair - and in true Hoosier fashion the choice of fun was Euchre and a card club was born!

Therefore I feel I have "shuffled" my way into middle age!!!!!


  1. I grew up with parent's playing in Card Club...it started out as a Young Farmers club but my parents were the youngest of the group! They still get together once a month...I think it's such a cool thing. If you ever need a fill-in, let me know. I love Euchre!

  2. Jent
    That sounds like fun I have never done that either and don't intend on starting.

  3. My family always played Hearts, but never Euchre for some reason.
    I still have braggin' rights to this day about beating my dad and two uncles when I was only 7!!!
    Sounds like a fun time to me.
    Wow, first middle age. Next menopause...

  4. We should really do that! I get cabin fever and miss adult conversation! You Go Girl!

  5. It's hard becoming our parents! :) Even harder to look at my children's faces and realize they they're thinking - "Oh no - I'm never going to do that!"