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November 30, 2010


My poor little Midget started coughing last night and said her throat hurt - I panicked - immediatly doped gave her the exact recommend dosage of Tylenol Cold & Cough - I told her to "man up", "get yours balls out of your purse and put them on", "suck it up sister, you can't be sick" and then this morning she has a low grade fever and says her throat hurts and I said "you just keep sleeping and get some rest, I will call the dr. as soon as they open and take you today" - we don't take going to the dr. lightly, with self-employed health insurance we pay for it all out of pocket - -

BUT we have a big cattle show this weekend and we're not messin' around - she can't be sick this weekend so we are going to the dr. ASAP, taking today off and resting - school work can be made up, but a cattle show..........

November 28, 2010

I coulda brought a chicken in the house!

I asked a friend one time why they didn't show the chickens they raised - Her response "There is no way in hell I am giving a chicken a bath!"  My response to her was "You couldn't pay me enough to give a chicken a bath!"

BUT today as we all spent 7 hours out in the barn washing, drying and clipping steers, in 37 degree weather, hands freezing from the well water coming out of the hose, breaking a sweat trying to remove 2 weeks worth of mud and crap from the steers (I am pretty sure several dingleberry's were mocking me) - I couldn't help but think to myself:  If we showed chickens, I could of taken the damn thing in the house, given it a bath been done and wrapped up in a blanket napping and watching TV for the last 6 hours and 45 minutes!

November 24, 2010

The Campbells Are Ag Thankful

 We all sat down and wrote out why we are Ag Thankful this Thanksgiving!

I am truly Thankful that I grew up on a farm and now live, work and raise my kids on a farm.  I am Thankful that it is a lifestyle not just a job.  I am Thankful that it is something we do as a family.  I am Thankful that everyday can be bring your kids to work day.  I am Thankful that my kids appreciate and enjoy our lifestyle.  I am Thankful that Chris works hard and also loves what he does.  I am Thankful that our lifestyle allows me to be a stay-at-home Mom and still be a part of our business.  I am Thankful we have livestock.  I am Thankful to farm in America.

My Cowgirl:

Agriculture gives me the oppurtunity to experience new and unique adventures everyday that "normal" folk don't get to.  I've learned so much about the land, crops and animals.  I've met some wonderful friends because of Agriculture that will stay with me throughout my life.  Not to mention without farms NO food!  The things I've learned and the memories I am making will last a lifetime!

My Midget:

I am thankful that we live on a farm cause we can ride in the tractors.  I also am thankful because we can help Dad anytime we want.  We also get to help with the pigs and the cows..  We get to help with the pigs by feeding and moving them from barn to barn, weaning and AI'ing.  My Mom and Dad are so awesome that they let us have cattle and show them.  I LOVE MY LIFE!

My Lil' Farmer:

I like farming. It is fun.  I like growing food and riding in the tractors.  I like spending time with my Dad and Grumpy.  I really like riding in the combine.  We have a lot of space to ride 4-wheelers.  I like that I get to take care of animals and that I know how.  I am thankful for my heifer, Holly.  I am thankful to live on a farm and can be just like my Dad when I grow up.

And Chris:

I am thankful that my family appreciates and is interested in what we do. They support our efforts in every way. I am thankful that Agriculture allows me to include them in my work, and allows them to participate with me.

November 20, 2010

WOW That Sucked!

I don't get sick very often but for the last 2 days I have had the flu and it SUCKED!  Thursday evening about 7pm I went into the bathroom and did not come out for 13 hours - seriously - 13 solid hours in the bathroom - the kids brought me a pillow and a blanket and a small glass of water - at 8am Friday morning I was able to open the door stagger the 5 feet to my bed and was still there when the kids got off the bus at 4pm.  I am lucky that Chris was able to get them up, ready and on the bus for me that morning because honestly if he hadn't done that they would of missed school and I really didn't care at the time!
I do have some recollection that Chris got sick sometime mid morning Friday as well, I do recall that all 3 kids made it home from school yesterday but can't recall how the pizza box I found on the kitchen table this morning got here - but quite frankly don't care as it just means that my kids must of had supper last night and that is a good thing!

November 11, 2010

I Have To Admit It Makes Me Feel Younger!

It really does - usually I don't get to hung up on my age, but there is something about doing certain things or certain songs that just make me feel young!   I love driving a pick-up truck!  Don't get me wrong I love my very nice Explorer - it hauls us all and a few friends, I can drive it in the fields and quite frankly it is not a mini-van (no offense intended)!  But it just feels good to drive a truck now and then!

I had to go pick up cattle feed ingredients this morning so I swapped out my Explorer for Chris' truck.  I ended up driving it all day - picked up feed stuff at the elevator, took lunch to the field, had to run a part for the plow back over to the field and then cause it was here at the house and my Explorer down at the hog barns I had to drive it to take My Cowgirl to FFA Crops practice and then again to pick her up!

I just love the feeling of driving down the road - sittin' up high, window down, radio blaring (singing along loudly) and the smell of a true work truck - a combination of grease, dirt, fuel and yes hogs!  It is not a fancy truck but we love it - we bought it new in 2000, actually ordered it (a first) - it is exactly what Chris wanted - red, Ford, 4x4, diesel, manual transmission, hand crank windows!  My only request was cab lights - real pick-ups have cab lights in my world!

It was a perfect day to drive it and it made me feel younger, which always makes me smile!

November 10, 2010

Oh Yeah - That's My Girl

Sent My Midget out to the barn to work with her steer, when I looked out the kitchen window to check on her this is what I witnessed:

Apparently she's "workin' hard all week to put some beer on the table"!

November 6, 2010

Mom's Happy Lemonade

1 qt. lemonade
1 qt. berry punch
1/2 c. cherry vodka
1/2 c. raspberry rum

Very Simple. Very Easy.  Mix and Enjoy!

November 5, 2010

Kickin' It Into High

We have assembled - we have halter broke - we are counting down the days - it is time to kick it into high!

Hoosier Beef Congress is T-minus 28 days and counting!

November 1, 2010

A Happy Halloween

 Yosimite Sam

 My 70's Disco Diva

 My FFA Soil Judger!
She just goes for the candy!