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November 11, 2010

I Have To Admit It Makes Me Feel Younger!

It really does - usually I don't get to hung up on my age, but there is something about doing certain things or certain songs that just make me feel young!   I love driving a pick-up truck!  Don't get me wrong I love my very nice Explorer - it hauls us all and a few friends, I can drive it in the fields and quite frankly it is not a mini-van (no offense intended)!  But it just feels good to drive a truck now and then!

I had to go pick up cattle feed ingredients this morning so I swapped out my Explorer for Chris' truck.  I ended up driving it all day - picked up feed stuff at the elevator, took lunch to the field, had to run a part for the plow back over to the field and then cause it was here at the house and my Explorer down at the hog barns I had to drive it to take My Cowgirl to FFA Crops practice and then again to pick her up!

I just love the feeling of driving down the road - sittin' up high, window down, radio blaring (singing along loudly) and the smell of a true work truck - a combination of grease, dirt, fuel and yes hogs!  It is not a fancy truck but we love it - we bought it new in 2000, actually ordered it (a first) - it is exactly what Chris wanted - red, Ford, 4x4, diesel, manual transmission, hand crank windows!  My only request was cab lights - real pick-ups have cab lights in my world!

It was a perfect day to drive it and it made me feel younger, which always makes me smile!


  1. I think maybe you are fixed in the stick shift unless it is a truck or sports car you can't get a floor shift. That would remind you of your younger days. You Go Girl!!

  2. I'm smiling for you! May have to roll the windows up next week, but today was the perfect day for a perfect drive/ride. Got Molly Hatchet blaring "Flirtin' with Disaster"? LOVE that song, and I am showing my age! ;-)

  3. Oh, I drive a pick-up everyday and I love it! I'll have to blog about it sometime ;) Enjoy your truck-time!

  4. You just gave me a flashback to high school!
    (haven't had a real pick up since then)
    I do miss my Suburban (aka "Mom truck")--It still imparted the truck attitude with the kid-hauling space.