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November 30, 2010


My poor little Midget started coughing last night and said her throat hurt - I panicked - immediatly doped gave her the exact recommend dosage of Tylenol Cold & Cough - I told her to "man up", "get yours balls out of your purse and put them on", "suck it up sister, you can't be sick" and then this morning she has a low grade fever and says her throat hurts and I said "you just keep sleeping and get some rest, I will call the dr. as soon as they open and take you today" - we don't take going to the dr. lightly, with self-employed health insurance we pay for it all out of pocket - -

BUT we have a big cattle show this weekend and we're not messin' around - she can't be sick this weekend so we are going to the dr. ASAP, taking today off and resting - school work can be made up, but a cattle show..........


  1. Love it! Good luck at Beef Congress! (I am assuming you mean that cattle show!!)

  2. I can't wait to use your line on my princess. You know, the one about getting your balls out of your purse. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  3. We have the same attitude when it comes to sick kids; Drill Sergeant morphing into Mary Poppins, then on to a cuddly mom. Hey, It's always easier to go from firm to nice that try back tracking! Hope she is more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed very soon! Kendal(Tink) is just about 100%. I think all the Birthday "stuff" she ate helped ;-) I did have fruit and cheese to go along with all the chocolate stuff!

  4. Oh, I have a spelling/words goof Let's see....nice THAN TRYING TO BACK TRACK. There, my grader's heart is satisfied! Dang English teacher anal thing! Is back track one word or two. Geeze! I quit!~

  5. Ugh the dreaded cold. I just came back from a show and can feel the cattle show crud sneaking up on me. Good luck at the show this weekend!


  6. I take after my mom on this one:
    The kid has to lose a pulse for 6 minutes to justify staying home from school. Otherwise, "get your shoes on and get in the car!"
    Hope she's feeling better (or at least not infectious!).