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November 20, 2010

WOW That Sucked!

I don't get sick very often but for the last 2 days I have had the flu and it SUCKED!  Thursday evening about 7pm I went into the bathroom and did not come out for 13 hours - seriously - 13 solid hours in the bathroom - the kids brought me a pillow and a blanket and a small glass of water - at 8am Friday morning I was able to open the door stagger the 5 feet to my bed and was still there when the kids got off the bus at 4pm.  I am lucky that Chris was able to get them up, ready and on the bus for me that morning because honestly if he hadn't done that they would of missed school and I really didn't care at the time!
I do have some recollection that Chris got sick sometime mid morning Friday as well, I do recall that all 3 kids made it home from school yesterday but can't recall how the pizza box I found on the kitchen table this morning got here - but quite frankly don't care as it just means that my kids must of had supper last night and that is a good thing!


  1. :-( That does suck! Or did! Glad you are on the road to recovery! Good to know the rest can survive a few hours without you! ;-)

  2. Welcome back to the land of the living. Hope the kids stay flu free too!

  3. Ugh. We had that a couple weeks ago, too. It seems to be going around like crazy in our area!!! Glad you're feeling better!