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December 6, 2010

Big Wheels Rollin'

So this morning as the sheriff's deputy is walking out the door (a college girl slid on the ice and hit one of our trees - she was not hurt but totaled her truck!) after taking our property information for the police report - Chris turns to me and says -
"Hey Jent it's a beautiful day I gotta haul a load to Starch why don't you ride along!"

Seriously- a wreck in front of our house because of bad roads and he wants us to get in a semi and head to Indy - but it is so hard to schedule loads into Starch ya gotta takem' when you get them!

So I throw on my boots, scarf and coat and follow Chris back to the bins!
Where I see him sitting in the truck warming it up and I think 'at least it will be warm'!  WRONG - as soon as I get in the truck he says "OK now let's go load, oh and I don't know why but this truck never seems to heat up!"  to which I respond "Couldn't you have done that while I waited in the warm house!"

Loading corn!

Then we headed out!

Yes, this is a picture of the road!

Yes, this is a picture of Chris as I asked "Why are you driving like that?" and he responded "I am not doing it we are spinning on the ice!!!!"

We pulled in, I sighed and took a deep breath - he said "The ride home is more dangerous, no load no weight - we could slide on the ice easier!!!!"

I am writing this so I obviously made it home - but the next time somebody says to me:
"So you farm - lucky you no work in the winter or the summer that must be nice!"
I might have to smack them!!!!


  1. Sure know what you mean about starch. Loved the stories about the kids and Beef Congress. Some of the memories are for a lifetime. Good kids

  2. Amen sister! I think we are hauling Wednesday! We don't grow waxy, and that is all Staley's is taking right now! Steve isn't too sad about not being out on the roads! We had a 2 hr. delay! Fun times!

  3. Love the pics of work in action! Hey, I've seen Chris smile that big a few times, but not usually for a camera. You can tell he's having fun!

  4. Gotta love winter in the Midwest! At least you were together! :)Does this qualify as a date?