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December 30, 2010

Holiday Traditions: My Mother's Charlie Brown Orphan Tree Adoption Program

A Christmas tradition thru the eyes of my teenager:

Ahhh Christmas time. Cookies, Cards, babies pretending to be Jesus in the church play, and family get togethers. Time to go to the basement and assemble the fake tree! Wait a second… we don’t do that…My family likes to head out in the old front wheel drive sleigh to pick out the symbol of Christmas! Noo… not the stupid tie with the Santa Clause on it! The tree! But… my family doesn’t do that either….

We go to the tree lots with the scrawny, dead, overpriced trees that have no true meaning of Christmas!!!

Why you might ask? When we could bundle up in our carrhartts, and drive to the local Christmas tree farm, pick out that special tree without forgetting the true real meaning of Christmas, and throw it in the back of the pickup, and head home to drink hot coco?

Because of my mother.


My mother’s philosophy on Christmas trees is why cut down a tree and leave one that is already cut in the Christmas tree lots in town to spend Christmas cold and lonely with no loving family placing presents to share under it!

We have the answer to her philosophy:  She forgot the true meaning of Christmas.

We want to do what our forefathers did, and dig it out of the ground ourselves!!! Bring it home roots and all!!!

Cause going to town, with just mom, arguing on which dead, scrawny tree we want isn’t exactly what I call “fun”. (You might call this fun, if you do give me a call and YOU can go with her next year! You will find it is not.)

If that isn’t enough we have to watch HER put the lights on. HER put the star on. Cause it has to be done RIGHT. (The only way to do things right mom’s way, is to let her do it) Oh she does let us put on the ornaments - but I know when our back is turned she rearranges them!  And don't even think about asking her if you can put on the tinsel - that just wouldn't be pretty!

My dad isn’t one for Christmas trees… or Christmas itself. So he sits and watches mom do all the work! He has never picked out one of our trees… EVERRR… Mom says my first Christmas one of Dad's good friends took Mom and I to get a tree!

So our holiday tradition is getting an orphan tree in a Christmas tree lot in town… OH if only we could cut down one at the farm…. It would sound much nicer…. if our holiday tradition was going to the farm, picking out the perfect Christmas tree and bringing it home to decorate as a family together. But alas! This is only my dream…

Oh well. The Campbell family has adopted and saved another Christmas tree from being sad and lonely this year!!!  I guess that would be a lesson learned about the true meaning of Christmas.

authors disclaimer:
*Some of this may sound stupid if you don’t know all the lines from Christmas Vacation*

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  1. LOVE this! Your mom is a good mom, Charlie Brown! There's a bigger lesson here among the pine needles. It will come when you least expect it!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Jent
    Your Mom has a beautiful I really like it We have had an artificial tree for 32 years and I would love to have a real one even a Charlie Brown tree

  3. It warms my heart to think that every christmas tree finds a home regardless how bare, or funny shaped it might be. (And I secretly admit to rearranging the ornaments my husband hangs on our tree. You can't have two ornaments hanging on the same branch.) :)

  4. I seem to remember my mother doing the same thing. And I'm slowly becoming her. I found myself rearranging the ornaments the kids put on the tree! Although, the cat didn't seem to like my ornament arranging skills and spent the entire month climbing up to the tree to bat down the ones she didn't like!

  5. We end up taking after our parents in so many ways