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December 25, 2010

The Reason For The Season

We have one Nativity Scene in this house - we have had it for at least 10 years, my Mom bought it for me way back when we started having kids!  It is my favorite Nativity Scene I have ever seen (2nd would be Willow Tree, which I will never be able to afford)!

It is the original Fisher Price one - it is very simple but most importantly kid friendly!  It has always set on out fireplace hearth (where the kids can get to it) because they do love to play with it!

I took this picture of it today -
However upon closer inspection I realized that an elf had taken the place of Mary and the little boy in snow clothes probably was not originally there when Jesus was born!

I immediately demanded my children to round up the lost souls of the Nativity Scene for a photo shoot!
Mary was found under the stairs (If I had just ridden hundreds of miles on a donkey and then given birth in a barn I would of run off to hide under the stairs by myself as well);  the camel hadn't made it out of the basement this year (pretty sure he hid on purpose - as many years as he has been around my kids he knows what to expect);  the calf, lamb and donkey were just trying to lead a normal life with the other Fisher Price livestock!
But once everyone was reunited, I took a new picture:

This Nativity Scene is definitely "loved" (which is what I refer to toys that are played with)!  I managed to locate this picture from 2001 -

The donkey got a break this year - for the whole season Mary and Joseph drove the baby Jesus around in a gator! (Ignore the half eaten apple on the carpet)

This is the year we moved into a rental while we added on to our home - the girls were 7 and 3 and were very concerned with how Santa was going to know where we lived now and how he was going to get into the rental house with no chimney - so we built a "fireplace" to hang the stockings on and it worked perfect for our Nativity Scene!

I look forward to many more years with the Fisher Price Nativity Scene - it will always be out at Christmas, even when the kids are grown!


  1. We have the same nativity. Love it for the same reason.

  2. Cute nativity. Haven't seen that one before.
    Love the cardboard fireplace!

  3. Boy, your kids must have had fun searching for the missing ones.