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December 14, 2010


...we spent the day "sledding", using swim goggles to keep the snow and wind out of our eyes!

.... plowing big snow drifts and clearing driveways and barn lots!

.....putting hay out for the cows!

.....baking and decorating a birthday cake!
....watching the train around the Christmas tree!
....making sure the boar semen that is delivered is brought in the house so it doesn't freeze!

            NO PICTURES OF THIS - but love the fact that when I yell "hey the semen is here run out and get it so it doesn't freeze" my kids run outside in their pajamas - no questions asked!

....we ended the day with a birthday party with family!

AND this was just here at the house - that doesn't include all the work that took place down at the hog barns to make sure the livestock down there was warm and fed and bred!


  1. Looks like a fun, and busy, day!

  2. So much for a "snow day!" What a great looking family! I know your livestock is all settled down for their long winter's night nap...oh DANG! It's not winter yet! Too crazy!

  3. Such ingenuity with the swim goggles! We didn't run out to grab semen, but when it stormed and the electricity went out, our first thoughts were always "run out to the hog barn and open the doors!"

  4. It's good, healthy work. The cake looks so good.
    God bless