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January 23, 2011


Every once in a while in this house we have to go back to basics - Basic Training or Boot Camp as we call it around here!  It usually happens about once a year, we tend to lose our rhythm, get lax on chores, don't show enough respect for each other - all the things I consider important in a family structure that carry you thru life - so that is when we head back to Boot Camp - basically it comes down to written daily chores, homework deadlines, animal feeding responsibilities and the such - and during Boot Camp there are no warnings if it is not done you are grounded!


*Be ready when the bus shows up - It doesn't matter what you are or are not wearing the bus goes to school and you are too!  (also: the bus passes our house twice a day you better be on it both times unless you need to be at school early or late for an activity the bus is your transportation!)

*Bring your homework home - plan wisely I will not take you back to school because you forgot a book or paper!

*Homework is to be done by 7pm and backpack ready to go for morning - if it is not done by then you go to school without it done!  I will allow for extenuating circumstances - ballgames, being in the field, etc.   If you need help I am always here to help - but I have been to school so don't ask me to do your homework for you - I will be glad to check the paper for mistakes but I will tell you how many mistakes are on the paper but not which ones are wrong - figure it out on your own!

*If it is your night to feed - don't try to trade, don't try to get out of it - just get your butt out to the barn and get the job done!  NO EXCUSES - if your afraid of the dark, do it before it gets dark or man up; if you have already taken a shower and are wearing pj's that's just too bad - your going anyway!  You should go to bed every night knowing that your animals are just as comfortable as you are and that you have done your best to make sure of that!

*Don't ever say to me "BUT I DIDN'T GET THAT OUT WHY DO I HAVE TO PICK IT UP!" -
because I will say to you: I cook all the food in this house but I don't eat it all;  I wash all the underwear in this house but I don't get all of it dirty;  I don't own all the animals but I help when you need it; Dad earns all the money but he doesn't spend it all on himself; - then you will not only pick up what I asked you to pick up but whatever else I see that needs done you will do!

I consider these very basic household rules and I think that we sometimes just get out of the rhythm of them and need to be reminded!

I am adding a new one to this particular session:  Feeding with Dad!
All my kids love to go down to the barns with Chris and feed but it is pretty much random - for fun- thing - this Boot Camp however it is going to be a requirement that once a week you have to go down and help feed and check the hogs every night - I have a couple of reasons: a)I think it will be good quality one-on-one time with their Dad during the winter - spring, fall and summer this isn't a big deal because they ride with him all the time in the tractors!  2) I think they are all old enough to understand and realize how much work and how many hours this lifestyle that we love really takes!

So TEN-HUT I am headed to inform and rally the troops!


  1. I love to see responsible kids! Good for you and your boot camp!

  2. Like your new paper Really cool. Crack the whip!!

  3. whoohoo!!! more parents should do your boot camp!


  4. Just wanted to let you know I tried the cow palace in Shelbyville and blogged about it today. Thanks for the tip.

  5. You go girl! I've had to do the same thing - but never called it boot camp. Genius! :)

  6. LOVE this! I have to admit I have taken Tink back to school a couple of times for homework she forgot, but the last time I didn't. 100 addition/subtraction problem pages are mind- boggling, so I do circle/mark the ones wrong just so I don't have to go through all 100 again.

    You go girl. My whip will start getting snippier now that the girls are getting older!