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January 19, 2011

The Man Loves His Cattle. . .

well and his kids, and his wife who all love the cattle as much as he does - but we aren't the ones who have to drive the 4430 down the road on a cold and wet Indiana day to put out the round bale for them - he does that for them and us!

*photographers/authors disclaimer - I have not posted many pictures of our cows because cows in Indiana in the winter just aren't pretty - others out west post the most beautiful pictures of cattle in the snow so pretty and clean - that just doesn't happen in Indiana so I decided to "embrace" the mud and 2ft of manure and my dirty, muddy cows that I love so much and take pictures of them and post them for the world to view - did that sound convincing?

Here he is driving down the road - these pics are straight out of my camera and taken in the afternoon - a grey, cold dreary day - I followed him down the road because it was so foggy and dark we were afraid someone wouldn't see the tractor!

Awww Yes - OUR COW HERD - from left to right there is Maggie, Mary Anne and Raye of Sunshine- all 3 were bought as heifers and shown by the girls at the county fair - they are all 3 bred and due in early March.  You wouldn't know it but there is a lovely pad of concrete under that 2 foot of melted snow, mud and manure!

We try to store as many round bales in the barn as we can - it makes for a crowded barn in the winter but keeps the round bales so they don't get as wet and they don't rot as fast.

They love getting a fresh bale!  This is My Cowgirls Shorthorn steer - Shortie (clever isn't she!)

Raye of Sunshine aka our buffalo gal - Herefords get the curliest hair - so pretty in the winter not fun to groom for shows!

Our beloved 4430!

We love our cows - they are definitely a hobby but one we have fun doing as a family!


  1. Our cows are just as "pretty," and the "stuff" is just as deep, so you are in good company ;-) Steve was going to scrape the lot, but it didn't stay warm enough long enough. Steve runs around here in his much older 4420. I'm think there are a lot of days he wishes it had a cab!

    Tell your guy my guy gave him a thumbs up! These men and their cows.... ;-)

  2. Love your herefords. We had both herefords and Simentals growing up. I love the red and brown colors (no black).

  3. i think the husband, cows, tractor and winter weather looks lovely in the pics!

    thanks for posting


  4. Ok Miss Jent. go check out my post the Friday afternoon! It's all inspired by YOU! Enjoy!