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January 15, 2011

SOCKS - you heard me!

 I said it out loud!
That is a dirty word at my house - mainly because we never seem to have enough! I admit I have been known to hide if I know someone is looking for socks because inevitably they will require my help!

Where do all the socks go? Some have the theory that they disappear somewhere between the washer and dryer - but quite honestly I have caught them other places as well - the yard, the garage, my truck, the barn, the showbox - and not just 1 or 2 random socks but quite frankly enough socks to cover all the feet in a small country!

Seriously this is what it is like at my house - my children have taken to not worrying about if their socks match and often don't worry about socks at all!  My Lil' Farmer learned to wear his work boots without socks and My Midget thinks socks are overrated with any kind of shoe!

At some point with all 3 kids I have had this exact conversation:

ME: DON’T go out in the barn barefoot you will step on something and hurt your foot ~

KID: I am not barefoot I am wearing socks!

Right before Congress I sent the kids out to the barn to clean out the showbox (yes we do this before shows not after like you should!) - they came in with various random items some of which being 5 socks! 5 different socks - not 2 pair and a single; not 1 pair and 3 singles - but 5 single socks - Seriously what happens to the match’s?

Matter of fact it has gotten so bad around here that for the past 5 years the #1 top present in this house at Christmas is the brand new package of socks I hand everyone on Christmas morning - it is talked about for weeks before - while looking for socks for school you can hear some kid say "How many more days till Christmas - because Mom will be giving us socks!"


  1. I always say the washer eats them. My kids said that when they were little. Makes a guy wonder?

  2. I think you are supposed to wash them all in a mesh bag, but that is based on the assumption that they ALL get that close to the laundry basket. I'm also always on the search for a sock's friend.

  3. It's just me in the house and I have the same problem and don't get me started on trouser socks...really should always get the same ones so I don't have to match them!

  4. It's a conspiracy. The sock manufacturers put a homing device in the socks and slowly make them disappear! That's my story and I'm sticking to it! ;)