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January 8, 2011

Some people might of been offended . . .

but not me!  I thought it was a great idea - you see I like thoroughly enjoy a good afternoon nap and apparently today during my nap I was interrupted, startled awake by some yelling and said some very "unmotherly" things to my children (I swear I don't remember any of this)!

So my boy goes out to the garage and returns a while later with this:
a gate!  Ingenious - that's why he is my favorite! 

He said:
"Look what I made ya Mom - It's a gate for you to put up when you are taking your naps - just put a sign on it that says "MOM IS NAPPING  - BE QUIET!"  you can also change the sign in case you want to say "LEAVE ME ALONE" - I made it just for you!"

I should probably be concerned with the image my children have of me - I think I will go make a sign that says "CONTEMPLATING YOUR IMAGE OF ME - GO AWAY" stick it on my new gate and go in my room!


  1. he's going to make a great husband when he's older! He's already got a head start to understanding women!

  2. This is great! You have got a good kid.


  3. LOVE this, and I may need to borrow it today with ALL the signs! :-)

  4. Now that is one awesome kid! He could probably sell those things... I need one :)

  5. Naps should not be messed with! Cole is such a sweetheart!