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January 31, 2011

To Market, To Market

To sell a load of fat pigs!

We normally sell hogs on Wednesday's and this week I got invited to go!  Yeah - a date - normally Josh hauls the hogs but Chris needed new Red Wings and so he said "Hey wanna go sell hogs with me - I'll treat you to lunch" - of course I jumped on it - seriously who could resist an offer like that!

This load was sold to Tyson and needed delivered to Rushville -

We start by marking (the orange mark on their backs) hogs that are at market weight (we sell at an average of 260 pounds - it takes a pig appox. 6 months to reach market weight) and load them into the trailer - we can haul about 34 at a time - we sell 55 loads a year!

Once loaded up we headed to Rushville - once there we unload, each hog is given a tattoo.  They each receive the same tattoo that is then put on our paperwork it will stay on the hogs all the way thru processing - we are paid on grade and yield, the tattoo allows the processor to grade each hog individually for muscling, leanness, % usable product, and trim(damage and discarded) if necessary. The more muscled, less fat hogs are worth more. To us and the packer.

Once weighed as a group they are put in a pen.  They will be loaded onto a semi the same day and these hogs will be hauled to the Tyson Plant in Logansport Indiana.

We will receive our check and paperwork in less than a week.  Our checks always come with our yield and grade breakdown for each hog and then the average for the load - this information helps us keep a close watch on how our hogs are growing, if we need to change genetics to meet market demands and if our feed rations are nutritionally balanced to grow our hogs.

All in all it was a great "date"!


  1. Sounded great! Hope you don't have to deliver more hogs this week, they say the weather is going to be very bad!


  2. gotta love getting a paycheck for your hard work. Now do you weigh the pigs on your farm or do you just eye ball them and mark them and hope you judged wisely?? I'm usually the one that has to eyeball our sheep and mark the ones that I think hit market weight. No pressure, but I guess someone has to do it!

  3. Sounds like you had a great date. I used to go with Jim to the old Stockyards on Ky Ave. One time I brought home a baby pig.