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February 28, 2011

I Love My Fat Pants!

I really do - Chris hates them - I see him cringe everytime he sees me wearing them - I have them on today!

Now I am pretty sure everyone has them - you know that pair of pants you love, they are comfortable when nothing else feels quite right, they are 'roomie' when you feel you need the room, most generally they are too big for you or they are stretchy!  Most peoples 'fat' pants are probably sweat pants or I believe the PC term nowadays is Yoga pants - and can someone define the difference between sweat pants, yoga pants and pajama pants?  Does it really just depend on wether or not you are willing to wear them in public?  and if you have been to Wal-Mart lately that doesn't even seem to be a deciding factor!

But my 'fat' pants are camo cargos - and no I don't think they are hiding anything!  They aren't fancy hunting pants - they are Gap - not so much known for their rugid hunting gear!  But they are so comfortable!  Comfortable enough I wore them on a 14 mile hike in the mountains, comfortable enough I wear them camping everytime we go and comfortable enough to be my 'fat' pants!  I always wear them with a pink shirt too - fashion statement I know!

I fully admit that I would be a prime canidate for "What Not To Wear" - I wear a lot of jeans, t-shirts and sweatshirts - Stacy and Clinton think that is unacceptable even for errands in town!  Now if I followed their advice I could potentially change clothes upwards of 4 times a day - who has the time or energy to do that!  In any given day I could make a couple of different trips to town for grocery's, parts, kids; asked to run feedlines in hog barns (that smell stays with you); rotate the semen in the hog office; drs, dentists, ortho appts.; run a piece of equipment; cook 3 meals; clean the house; laundry; hay the cows; . . . . . So I wear what I want and today that is my 'fat' pants - and yes Chris, I am leaving the house today and will be seen in public and oddly enough I am OK with that!

February 26, 2011

Celebrating National FFA Week

My Cowgirl just celebrated her first official National FFA Week!

So hard to believe that I have a kid in FFA!  I found this pic of me and my parents getting my Hoosier Farmer Degree, was it really 23 years ago!

Of course the very first thing My Cowgirl said when she saw this picture was "They let you get your Hoosier Farmer Degree when you weren't wearing official dress - you don't have on black tights!"

She is a third generation FFA'er on both my side and her Dad's side!

The first thing her Dad said to her last weekend was "When I was a freshman they dipped our hand in green paint for the day to show everyone we were Greenhands!"
And just like her Dad here she is - Our favorite Greenhand!

Here are a group of girls in Official Dress at the Monday night spaghetti dinner.  This particular group of girls is competeing in the Ag Issues contest at District contests coming up in March!

Tractor Day!  Chris let her take the 8420!  He of course rode with her - hit one mailbox and your forever forced to have a chaperone driver!

All the kids that rode or drove tractors to school that morning!

Thursday morning at the pancake breakfast, which was also show your support for FFA Day - and we did - sent all 3 to school wearing their FFA gear - even let My Midget wear my Chapter Sweetheart jacket!

FFA is an exceptional program and I am so proud to be a part of it!

February 25, 2011

No One Can Read Your Mind

I learned this from a very wise man - Hi Chris, I love you!  We have been married for going on 19 years (I think -hang on - yeah he just confirmed) and it has taken me the majority of that to learn this!

Mostly from quotes such as these:
"Damit Jent I can't read your mind, if you want something just ask!"
"This isn't a TV show, I didn't get a script, just tell me what you want!"

Now it seems to be one of my biggest pet peeves - don't fiddle-fart around, don't make me guess, don't just drop hints - if you need something from me or want me to do something - ASK!

I find everyone does it in some manner - kids, spouses, parents, friends - if you need a favor, just ask - the worst thing that can happen is being told No - and unless it is life or death (in which case I am positive the answer would always be yes) move on and ask another friend!

I have also learned after almost 19 years of marriage that I am thankful, at least once a day, that Chris can't read my mind!   JUST SAYIN'

February 21, 2011

DRUMROLL PLEASE . . . . . . .

*I guess I got over excited to find the picture that I posted both of these - the top one is original - the way it scanned into my computer, the one under that is one that I darkened and played around with the color saturation and balance so that it was a little easier to make out the detail.

Now this one below Lana from Walking The Off-Beaten Path fixed for me and e-mailed me - a great surprise that I was not expecting - she may find her email inbox full the next couple of days of all the pictures I want her to fix for me!

February 19, 2011

I Ran The Gamut Of Emotions

I am trying to locate an old picture and by old I mean antique.  It is a picture of our house around the turn of the century.  YES - I have lost misplaced a family heirloom.

  I will pause for you to feel sorry for me or shake your head in disgust - whichever you feel is most appropriate!

But in the process of looking I was forced to look thru all our pics and OH MY!
I laughed, I cried, I sometimes wondered where the parents of the children in the pictures were - then I remembered I was that parent and I cried some more - at first for myself than mostly for them for having a Mom that would take some of these pictures in the first place and then go so far as to post them on her blog - and then I laughed some more only this time it had a slightly evil sound to it!

I laughed - the kid is helping wash a cow in a pamper and no shoes!  Where is his mother - oh yeah taking the picture!

I cried!  Look how little they are!

This picture makes me cry every time!  My Cowgirl's first year of 4-H!
Clancy we still love and miss you!

I laughed at him and cried for myself!  We were in Colorado visiting my sister and going skiing - he insisted on renting the helmet to ski in - then he immediately put it on and wore it for the next 8 hours (we weren't skiing till the next day)!  He wore it in the car, at the park where we played (where he also accidentally peed his pants:  helmet + wet pants = where is this poor child's mother), at the ice cream shop and at dinner that evening!

I laughed!  Why was she wearing brown corduroy pants and a Christmas pajama shirt?

I cried - now they won't hardly talk to each other.

I cried - she is sitting on the gearshift console - now she can drive the tractor!

Their first trip to Disney!

No Words - I am choking back tears!

I remember this day - we had worked all day in the barn getting 5 calves and show equipment ready for the county fair - I was hollering for them to come do something else and marched in the house yelling for them to get their butts back outside and found them in the chair just like this - no toys, no books, the TV wasn't even on!

Seriously look at those cheeks - and that is Clyde the happiest go luckiest dog there ever was!


On the edge of fashion -

This - well - has so many levels!
1. her hair - till she was 4 she had a blond afro that you couldn't do anything with!
2.  the kitchen cabinets that were put into our house when indoor plumbing was installed!
3.  the roll around dishwasher!
4. She is only wearing 1 Tinkerbell dress-up shoe
She is sitting on our Boar Semen Cooler - yes folks you read that right- when we first started using artificial insemination on our farm we kept the semen in our kitchen!!!!!

Which leads to this!  One of My Cowgirls favorite toys - Spirette (new of course)!

I cried because I did not realize that I had a picture of her very first eye-roll - she obviously has a natural born talent for this even at such a young age!

Once again - WOW!
Yes they are going out to drive the gator by themselves!
Yes he is wearing only a pamper and rubber boots!
Yes she is barefoot but wearing a batting helmet!
She was the driver - she is worried about her head and he is concerned with his feet!

We were camping in a state park - I look up from the campfire and see this!!!
Instead of stopping this I whipped out my camera and took a pic!

I think this only proves that they are my children!!!!!!!!

And now just to prove that I can laugh at myself just as much as I can laugh at my children I will post these two pictures of myself:

There is no need to adjust the color on your monitor that is the color of my hair at the time!

This was when I thought I needed to be a blond but didn't need a licensed professional to make me that way!  I was obviously mistaken!

This was a hairdo I thought I could pull off right after we were married!
When I walked in the door of the house Chris took one look at me and said: 
 "Whoever did that to your hair ought to be shot!"
I said:  "I asked her to do this"

I believe that was the first moment he questioned my sanity and where our marriage was headed - I don't think he had any clue what a wild ride it was going to be!!!!!

February 17, 2011

DANG - I think I caught it!

I try avoid it every year - it's dreaded, it's torture but every year I get!   And I know it is way tooo early to have it - it is only Feb. 17 and we live in Indiana - I tried to fight it off but I can feel it invading my whole body, I think I defiantly have it:


I am ready for this:

 and heck I am even ready for a little of this:

But for today I will enjoy the sun that is out and the warm temp. that gave me this fever way to early in the year!

February 15, 2011

Return To Estrus

I laughed so hard when I read Katie's post Tuesday Turkey Tunes at On The Banks of Squaw Creek because Chris has a song he sings during breeding when he finds an open (not bred) sow - yes, he serenades the sow with a "good bye" song!

He sings it to the tune of Elvis' Return To Sender:

Return to estrus,  parity unknown

Not gonna have piglets,  gotta find a new home

Gotta love farmers with a sense of humor and good imaginations!

February 14, 2011

HO HUM HO HUM It's Back To Reality I've Come. . . .

We just spent 4 great days in the happiest place on earth!

But we are back and luckily we have our memories to keep us warm because the weather here ain't gonna!

February 9, 2011

A Warm Place To Be Today!

This little guy looks very content!  I love how he is sprawled out under the heat lamp, momma close (he actually has a teat in his mouth - nothing like reserving your spot in case you need a little snack) and he is asleep  - now that is how to spend the day when it is 14 degrees outside!

Our farrowing barns are kept at a constant 71 degrees all winter to keep our sows and piglets comfortable.  The heat is electronically controlled with a thermostat.
That is warmer than we keep our house!