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February 28, 2011

I Love My Fat Pants!

I really do - Chris hates them - I see him cringe everytime he sees me wearing them - I have them on today!

Now I am pretty sure everyone has them - you know that pair of pants you love, they are comfortable when nothing else feels quite right, they are 'roomie' when you feel you need the room, most generally they are too big for you or they are stretchy!  Most peoples 'fat' pants are probably sweat pants or I believe the PC term nowadays is Yoga pants - and can someone define the difference between sweat pants, yoga pants and pajama pants?  Does it really just depend on wether or not you are willing to wear them in public?  and if you have been to Wal-Mart lately that doesn't even seem to be a deciding factor!

But my 'fat' pants are camo cargos - and no I don't think they are hiding anything!  They aren't fancy hunting pants - they are Gap - not so much known for their rugid hunting gear!  But they are so comfortable!  Comfortable enough I wore them on a 14 mile hike in the mountains, comfortable enough I wear them camping everytime we go and comfortable enough to be my 'fat' pants!  I always wear them with a pink shirt too - fashion statement I know!

I fully admit that I would be a prime canidate for "What Not To Wear" - I wear a lot of jeans, t-shirts and sweatshirts - Stacy and Clinton think that is unacceptable even for errands in town!  Now if I followed their advice I could potentially change clothes upwards of 4 times a day - who has the time or energy to do that!  In any given day I could make a couple of different trips to town for grocery's, parts, kids; asked to run feedlines in hog barns (that smell stays with you); rotate the semen in the hog office; drs, dentists, ortho appts.; run a piece of equipment; cook 3 meals; clean the house; laundry; hay the cows; . . . . . So I wear what I want and today that is my 'fat' pants - and yes Chris, I am leaving the house today and will be seen in public and oddly enough I am OK with that!


  1. Ha ha! Everyone needs a pair of fat pants.

  2. Hahaha I LOVE my FAT pants. In Holland you don't really see a lot of people outside the house in them, I don't know what it is with those strange Dutchies. Anyway i think i'm all Americanized now because i have like..... 4!...

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love my blue jeans and cotton tee's! I'd like to see Stacy walk across my farm yard in her 4 inch heels! :)

  4. Firstly, Nice header. Secondly, I don't know I might have to just see a picture of these so called fat pants before I let clinton and stacy take you on. I've got some frompy sweats that I like to wear (probably a little more often that I should)

  5. WOW! Your page looks great, just as great as I am sure you look in your fat pants because I am equally sure you are wearing your happy face while you are in them. You go girl!