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February 19, 2011

I Ran The Gamut Of Emotions

I am trying to locate an old picture and by old I mean antique.  It is a picture of our house around the turn of the century.  YES - I have lost misplaced a family heirloom.

  I will pause for you to feel sorry for me or shake your head in disgust - whichever you feel is most appropriate!

But in the process of looking I was forced to look thru all our pics and OH MY!
I laughed, I cried, I sometimes wondered where the parents of the children in the pictures were - then I remembered I was that parent and I cried some more - at first for myself than mostly for them for having a Mom that would take some of these pictures in the first place and then go so far as to post them on her blog - and then I laughed some more only this time it had a slightly evil sound to it!

I laughed - the kid is helping wash a cow in a pamper and no shoes!  Where is his mother - oh yeah taking the picture!

I cried!  Look how little they are!

This picture makes me cry every time!  My Cowgirl's first year of 4-H!
Clancy we still love and miss you!

I laughed at him and cried for myself!  We were in Colorado visiting my sister and going skiing - he insisted on renting the helmet to ski in - then he immediately put it on and wore it for the next 8 hours (we weren't skiing till the next day)!  He wore it in the car, at the park where we played (where he also accidentally peed his pants:  helmet + wet pants = where is this poor child's mother), at the ice cream shop and at dinner that evening!

I laughed!  Why was she wearing brown corduroy pants and a Christmas pajama shirt?

I cried - now they won't hardly talk to each other.

I cried - she is sitting on the gearshift console - now she can drive the tractor!

Their first trip to Disney!

No Words - I am choking back tears!

I remember this day - we had worked all day in the barn getting 5 calves and show equipment ready for the county fair - I was hollering for them to come do something else and marched in the house yelling for them to get their butts back outside and found them in the chair just like this - no toys, no books, the TV wasn't even on!

Seriously look at those cheeks - and that is Clyde the happiest go luckiest dog there ever was!


On the edge of fashion -

This - well - has so many levels!
1. her hair - till she was 4 she had a blond afro that you couldn't do anything with!
2.  the kitchen cabinets that were put into our house when indoor plumbing was installed!
3.  the roll around dishwasher!
4. She is only wearing 1 Tinkerbell dress-up shoe
She is sitting on our Boar Semen Cooler - yes folks you read that right- when we first started using artificial insemination on our farm we kept the semen in our kitchen!!!!!

Which leads to this!  One of My Cowgirls favorite toys - Spirette (new of course)!

I cried because I did not realize that I had a picture of her very first eye-roll - she obviously has a natural born talent for this even at such a young age!

Once again - WOW!
Yes they are going out to drive the gator by themselves!
Yes he is wearing only a pamper and rubber boots!
Yes she is barefoot but wearing a batting helmet!
She was the driver - she is worried about her head and he is concerned with his feet!

We were camping in a state park - I look up from the campfire and see this!!!
Instead of stopping this I whipped out my camera and took a pic!

I think this only proves that they are my children!!!!!!!!

And now just to prove that I can laugh at myself just as much as I can laugh at my children I will post these two pictures of myself:

There is no need to adjust the color on your monitor that is the color of my hair at the time!

This was when I thought I needed to be a blond but didn't need a licensed professional to make me that way!  I was obviously mistaken!

This was a hairdo I thought I could pull off right after we were married!
When I walked in the door of the house Chris took one look at me and said: 
 "Whoever did that to your hair ought to be shot!"
I said:  "I asked her to do this"

I believe that was the first moment he questioned my sanity and where our marriage was headed - I don't think he had any clue what a wild ride it was going to be!!!!!


  1. This made me cry! Love finding old treasurers. I truly wish we could freeze time.

  2. What wonderful treasures you unearthed! Of course your kids are going to shoot you, but you have totally fulfilled your Motherly duties in the posting embarrassing pictures of your kids category! ;-)

    Thanks so much for sharing a peek at your family history! Now get these in a scrapbook Missy!

  3. This brought back SO many memories of my childhood...need to find the one with me and my older sister in halter tops holding baby pigs by their back legs (to move them, not hurt them). Priceless memories. Hope you find the heirloom but if not you still have some history there!

  4. Oh my gosh! Nothing like finding old pictures! Brings you right back to the very moment, doesn't it?!

  5. Love this! I love looking through old pics... Hope you find your heirloom.

  6. ohhh loved the pics!
    Thanks so much for sharing!


  7. loved the pictures. Such treasured memories

  8. oh my gosh! These are awesome pictures!!! (Since you already scanned them, I'm going to show you what to do with them later this week!)

    I have to ask - who's Clancy? The cow? Or another daughter?

  9. The picture on the swing is now my all time favorite pic of your kids! It was so fun to see all of those!

  10. Golly, your pictures made me cry! Time passes so quickly. It always seems like I am running here and taking someone there and just living life, and my kids are growing before my eyes. And when did I turn 37? I feel like I should still be 23... uugghh... Thanks for sharing!