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February 25, 2011

No One Can Read Your Mind

I learned this from a very wise man - Hi Chris, I love you!  We have been married for going on 19 years (I think -hang on - yeah he just confirmed) and it has taken me the majority of that to learn this!

Mostly from quotes such as these:
"Damit Jent I can't read your mind, if you want something just ask!"
"This isn't a TV show, I didn't get a script, just tell me what you want!"

Now it seems to be one of my biggest pet peeves - don't fiddle-fart around, don't make me guess, don't just drop hints - if you need something from me or want me to do something - ASK!

I find everyone does it in some manner - kids, spouses, parents, friends - if you need a favor, just ask - the worst thing that can happen is being told No - and unless it is life or death (in which case I am positive the answer would always be yes) move on and ask another friend!

I have also learned after almost 19 years of marriage that I am thankful, at least once a day, that Chris can't read my mind!   JUST SAYIN'


  1. Yep, probably a good thing husbands can't read minds....Love your header:)

  2. Like the new look. We don't want hubby's to read our minds

  3. I just wanted to say that I love your new header! Very cool!