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February 9, 2011

A Warm Place To Be Today!

This little guy looks very content!  I love how he is sprawled out under the heat lamp, momma close (he actually has a teat in his mouth - nothing like reserving your spot in case you need a little snack) and he is asleep  - now that is how to spend the day when it is 14 degrees outside!

Our farrowing barns are kept at a constant 71 degrees all winter to keep our sows and piglets comfortable.  The heat is electronically controlled with a thermostat.
That is warmer than we keep our house!


  1. love the pics! reminds me of home (as in the Netherlands were we had a pigfarm).


  2. Might make it more fun to do chores tonight! Just had to wrestle my dog into the garage for the night. She curls up in her dog house, and I put lots of straw down, but she always has ice where her tail meets her butt. Can't have all that frozen together. She's like a teenager, all pouty, but she will appreciate me in the morning or sometime down the road when she wants to wag her tail!

    Keep safe and warm tonight!