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March 23, 2011

Ag Day In Johnson County

What a great Ag Day we had here!  We started off the morning at our Farmers Share Breakfast - where you pay only what the farmer would get for the food you are eating - our breakfast cost $1 for biscuits, sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, cheesy hashbrown potatoes, yeast cinnamon dounuts covered in icing, bacon, 2 kinds of fruit salad, milk & orange juice - on the all you can eat buffet - pretty good for the price to eat seems like slim pickins for the farmer!

After breakfast a couple neat things happened:
We honored the Johnson County Farm Family of The Year - The Hugh Dunn family!

The Monsanto Fund presented "Friends Of Johnson County Agriculture" with our grant money!
and yes receiving and having my picture taken with the giant check was all I dreamed, my kids even brought it home - they want me to hang it in the house!

"Friends Of Johnson Cty Agriculture" presented a grant to the Johnson County Junior Beef Cattle Assoc. to assist with the open show they are putting on April 23!
and yes that is Amy Kelsay from Two Maids a Milking, she serves on the board of directors with me as well, originally I presented the grant, but my kids were the only kids in the Jr. Assoc. there to accept the money so I made Amy stand in for the picture!

A few hours later we grilled and served around 90 ribeyes to those that had come for the Grain Engulfment and Res-Q Tube demonstration.

Which we were very proud to have a lot of kids from The Franklin FFA Chapter there for lunch and watch and participate in the Grain Engulfment demo.


they engulfed by daughter in grain!

while everyone watched!


they saved her!  Of course she volunteered for the whole thing!

But seriously this was an amazing thing to get to see and for her to experience.  After the public demonstration they trained and certified around 40 firefighters in Johnson County to use these Res-Q tubes!  Thanks to National Starch and GSI for donating 2 of these to Johnson County!

If you live or work on a farm I strongly suggest that you find out if your county has one and where to find it in case of an emergency.  It won't work in every situation but is definatly a life saving tool.



  1. I agree - GREAT day! Thanks for all you did for Friends of Jo Co AG!!

  2. So many interesting things. What a cool idea for breakfast, and I didn't know that piece of equipment even existed. A great tool for your community!


  3. What a great Ag day! Ours is tomorrow! I love that idea for breakfast.....really gives the public an idea what a farmer gets {or doesn't get} for the food he/she produces.

  4. That equipment is great I will look into getting it for our county. We have a grain vac. Need one of those other pieces of equipment. Looks like you had a great day.

  5. Wow, busy day! I know how much it means to you for your family to be involved and to promote agriculture...so I am sure you all had a great day. Congratulations on winning the contest and being able to pass on the money to a good cause.

  6. Yeah! The giant check!!! Glad that you finally realized a lifelong dream...I think you should hang it in the house or at least in the barn!

  7. I love these kind of events.

    It's wise to combine fun, comradeship, and safety awareness all in one fine get together.

  8. Wow! What an incredible day! I Love the "pay what a farmer would receive" idea, what an eye opener for the average consumer! And the engulfment demo, amazing! Growing up in ag, there are So many things we take for granted, Safety should never be over looked! Congratulations on all fronts!