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March 17, 2011

The Duke and His Lady

Our first calf arrived - March 15 at 3:50pm - Meet Duke
A bull (soon to be steer) calf born to "Our Girl Mary Anne" who was AI'ed to "Ace In The Hole"!

I would say My Cowgirl is pretty pleased with her newest addition to our herd!


  1. Love the eyes of the calf in the colored vertical picture. Looks like he is a bit overwhelmed by his world! Glad #1 has made it into the world without a hitch! GREAT pics!

  2. Beautiful babies!

    Both Our Girl Mary Anne's and yours! :)

    Congratulations on the addition!

  3. Duke's furry white face is even cuter in person! Hope he's nursing well!

  4. Calves our a favorite here on our dairy farm as well. Love the pics! What a cutie....both the calf and your daughter:)

  5. love the collage of pics.


  6. Love the pictures Glad all went well

  7. What a precious baby! I am in love. Great photos too. So glad you visited Verde Farm and thank you for following :) I’m looking forward to blogging together. I really want to learn more about this Real Farmwives too :)
    Hugs, Amy