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March 10, 2011

Insured For Cow Poop!

That's right - I had to call my insurance agent (because Chris refused) to make sure that IF my new camera got pooped on by a cow it would be covered!

It went something like this:

Me:  Hi Duane, yeah you just talked with Chris about coverage for the camera he bought me for Christmas!  Yeah I want to go ahead buy the extra coverage in case it is dropped or knocked off something and broke!

Duane:  No problem I will add that to the policy.

Me:  And then I also wanted to make sure it was covered in case a cow pooped on it!

Duane: stunned silence followed by hysterical laughter

Me:  No seriously is it covered?

Duane:  Well . . . .

Me:  You see that has happened to me before at the county fair and it was no biggie on my other camera but it is something I want to make sure is covered, well by insurance not manure on this camera - it was sitting on a hay bale and the cow up against the fan cage leaned up against it and proceeded to

Duane:  ah yes I am pretty sure that would be covered!

At this point I think he just wanted off the phone with the crazy woman who admitted that a cow pooped on her camera and that it might actually be something that could happen again - and I am not afraid to admit that it might happen again, I just want to be prepared for it this time - well the insurance part because if I was prepared for the manure part I wouldn't need the coverage!


  1. From my own tromping out in the cow lot, I totally get what you mean. I know a few guys who have lost their cell phones out in the muck, so you have every right to make sure your camera is insured against organic material plopping on top of it! Men just don't always think of these things! ;-)

  2. That's hilarious! I have a story something like that...we lived in Okinawa, Japan... Fruit bats + clothes left hanging on the line overnight. A response letter from Hints from Heloise about 'how to get bat poop out of clothes' was "Are you serious?" That's all the letter said!

  3. I wish I was there to hear it in person! Totally need to call and make sure my camera is covered!

  4. I wonder how many times the insurance agent is going to tell the story of the crazy lady calling about cow manure insurance?? Funny though none the less.

  5. hahahahahahahaha!!!! LOVED IT!


  6. You better find out what the deductible is. You may have to pay the first 500.00 I know I would have to. Good laugh

  7. I do not say this often our lightly but Laugh Out Loud! Too funny!