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March 8, 2011

Is it wrong . . .

. . . .that I think that spritzing your clothes with a little Febreeze actually makes kind of dirty clothes wearable again and that I teach this to my kids?

. . . .that my 8 year old drinks coffee every morning and sometimes we have chocolate chip cookies for breakfast?

. . . .that I e-mailed my oldest the information about Monsanto's Farm Mom of The Year? (just in case she knew someone who deserved the title!)

. . . .that sometimes (honestly only sometimes) I go back to bed after the kids get on the bus?

. . . .that I yell at my kids for staring at the TV like morons even at commercials but I find myself stuck staring out the window watching the cows in the lot and think that is OK?
I added this one because that is what I was doing when it suddenly occurred to me I was in the middle of typing a post!

SQUIRREL - that one is for you Megan - you could put that in every post I would laugh hysterically every time because I am soooo the same way!

. . . .that I call my kids morons?

. . . .that sometimes when I am too lazy to get up and get something I call a kid into the room give them a hug and kiss, tell them I love them and then say "Oh while your in here would you get me . . . ."

. . . .that some days I miss the kids so much I would let them stay home just to keep me company?

. . . .that some days that they don't have school I really wish they did?

. . . .that I am positive I have the best 3 kids in the whole world?  At least for now - I am sure when they get home something will go awry and I will be wishing they were still at school?

. . . .or just weird that when I can't get motivated I say out loud "JENNIFER LEIGH ECK CAMPBELL GET UP AND DO SOMETHING!" in that same irritated annoyed voice that I use on my kids when they have done something wrong and I feel the need to use their whole legal given name to emphasize my frustration and disdain?

. . . .that I just used the word 'disdain' and am not 100% sure what it means or if I used it in the right context? or that I am now having to say my full given name out loud because now I am merely killing time so I don't have to get up and do something constructive


  1. hahaha! no i think your just FINE! Although instead of buying expensive Febreeze, just hang the clotes outside for an hour and they'll be like new without the funny after smell...

    Just saying.


  2. Love this post!

    Febreeze is my sister's signature scent.

  3. Nope, I think there is nothing wrong with your list....sounds like your kids are lucky to have such a fun-loving mom:)

  4. Wish I could go back to bed after my kids go to school...
    And be careful with Leontien's advice if you have hogs nearby! I don't think it's an issue on a dairy!

  5. Love it! When I was in college I would febreeze my hair for early morning classes after a night out to the bars!

  6. Oh yes Big D, cows are just as stinky as hogs if the wind and temp is right, AND the flies that like to hang with them can do a number on clothes hanging out. I gave that up years ago!

    Awesome post Jent. You just said out loud what most of us think to ourselves every day!

  7. Oh my, now I am laughing and you have made my day. Your honesty is refreshing. Sometimes, when my kids ask me to pour them a drink, I take the first drink. Ok, so this happens EVERYTIME.

    My 7 year old loves drinking my coffee. I suppose the four teaspoons of sugar and milk is what keeps her coming back. Come to think of it that may be what keeps my hind end so wide, too. Hmmm.

  8. Fantastic. I love it. This made me think of myself! Especially the moron parts.