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March 15, 2011

A Love/Hate Relationship

This is hard to admit (but isn't admitting one of the first steps in recovery?) but I am involved in a love/hate relationship!

I am partly to blame (admitting some of the responsibility, isn't that a step?)!  I am not a patient person and I let the situation push my buttons!

I have been known to use profanity!  I have been known to let it get violent!  I have walked away without completion and forced others to clean up my mess!

 And worst of all - the kids have witnessed this on more than one occasion!  I try to handle this delicate situation when they are at school but the urge always seems to strike when I am tired and just getting ready to go to bed.

I have to admit that because of all this turmoil I don't do it as often as I should.

But changing the sheets is traumatic for me - it is that darned fitted sheet, it is my nemesis!

Of course the age old question is "How do you fold a fitted sheet?", this is easy for me - I don't!  I've tried, it just ends up in a waded ball anyway so why fight it!  For me the battle begins when I go to put it on the bed - which way does it go, which is right side out, you put one corner on and the other corner pops off - so I end up sprawled on the bed - arms and legs outstretched trying to hold each corner down and put the last one on!  By the time I get it on I am sweaty and out of breath - it is just all around a horrible experience for me!

I know what your thinking "Is she serious?"  "What a flippin' nut"  "Why not just use a flat sheet on the bottom too?"

Well this is where the "love" of a fitted sheet comes in - they stay in place (of course once you get them there), ever notice how hotels use flat sheets on the bottom?  I personally think it is because maids kept quitting - if I had to put that many fitted sheets on a bed a day - well let's not go!

So for all concerned - I changed my sheets this morning while the kids were at school, so there is no chance they will have to witness this horror for at least another month!


  1. How do you fold a fitted sheet?

    You sort of start with one corner, neatly pair it up with the other corner and then you ROLL IT ALL UP IN A BALL BY PINWHEELING YOUR ARMS SUPER FAST THEN SHOVE IT IN YOUR LINEN CUPBOARD AND SHOVE THE DOOR SHUT! Use your butt to really slam it hard if necessary.

    Easy peasy see?!

  2. I have not done this but have been told that wadding it up and stuffing inside the coordinating pillow case works well. One year I asked for sheets for Christmas and though it seemed boring and not fun at all at the time, they are my favorite sheets ever! All because the corners stay where I put them.

  3. Ha! I totally feel your pain with the fitted sheet situation! I'm with you sister:)

  4. I kind of have the folding them part down, but it is the putting them on! My mom used to always make us help her. One day I will make my future children do the same!


  5. I DON'T like folding the fitted sheet. I am ok with putting it on the bed but not folding. Thanks for the laugh!


  6. I wish the girls could help me with their beds, but both beds butt up against one side of a wall. With Tall Guy's back issues, it's all up to me, and we have a California King-Sized bed! :-P

    I so feel your pain, frustration, and colorful expletives!

  7. I really cuss the fitted sheets that pop off the corner in the middle of the night!
    I shove all the sheets and pillow cases into one of the pillow cases for the set. That way, it's all together and my linen closet looks organized (whether it is or not).

  8. Thank you for the laugh! I could totally picture the process, and can totally relate to the uncontrollable outburst when something Does. Not. Work. Out. like it should! The folding, that I can do.

  9. You will find my fitted sheets wadded in the bottom of our linen closets. It has been known that on occasional days, we sleep on top of top sheets because the fitted sheets were to big of a pain in the a$$ to put them on.