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March 21, 2011

"Mom come see my tackle blocker"

WHAT?  I had absolutly no clue what a "tackle blocker" was, but how do you look at this face and not be excited about seeing the "tackle blocker" he had made - whatever it is?

So I follow him to the garage where he proceeds to tell me "Me and Dad built it together", I say "Well Cole what is a tackle blocker",  "You know Mom, it helps lift things up - now I can work on my equipment without laying on the ground"

"OH a block and tackle"

"That's what I said Mom"


  1. He is a smart boy! What a great idea! Do you by chance keep a family journal? We did when our kids were growing up. Now my kids are keeping one with their children. It's fun to look back and read about all the things the kids did and said...things we might have forgotten otherwise!

  2. Okay I love this.

    What a smart, creative and handsome fella you are raising there!

    (P.S. I wouldn't have known what he meant either. I thought it was something for football).