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March 22, 2011

The Name Game

Well 2/3 of our herd has calved - we are running 50/50 bulls/heifers right now - everything dropped has been healthy and the momma's are doing a great job of taking care of their young!  The last third is not due to calve until April 9!

So a quick look at the actual numbers:   1 bull, 1 heifer and 1 cow left to calve!

At that - here is the lastest addition to our herd:
We are lucky - all our cows were shown as heifers so they are really broke and used to people and let us right in the pen with them and their calves.

"Hi Maggie, you did good, you have a beautiful calf"
Yes I am in my pajamas - My lil' Farmer checked on Maggie at 6am this morining and came running back in to get us!

"Let's see what ya got here Maggie"

"And it's a girl!  Yeah I am happy"

Why so happy?  Well I told my kids the other day that I would like a heifer for Christmas this year to which My Cowgirl immediatly said if one of her cows has a heifer she will let me have it!  Sweet, Right?  Maybe if she hadn't phrased it this way:
"Mom if one of my cows has a heifer you can have it - I don't like showing heifers!  I like showing steers and getting to buy something new every year and change breeds so you can just have it - unless you wanna pay me for it?"

Not exactly a sentiment from the heart but who am I to complain - I GOT A HEIFER and didn't have to wait till Christmas!

SO here is the challange - a name!

She is a purebred Polled Hereford -
        Dam:  Our Girl Maggie
        AI SIRE:  LaGrand ReLoad

Chris likes simple names (well actually he prefers numbers but "2" just doesn't pack much of a punch) but me I am more of a fancy "paper name"/nick name kinda gal!  Quite honestly the names that people come up with for livestock crack me up but I figure if something we own ever wins some big title (which I am fully aware that it won't since we only show at 2 shows a year - county fair and Congress - and we truly only do it for fun) I want to be fully prepared for our (the calf and me) picture on showsteers.com - a girl can dream!  I have always told  strongly advised helped my kids name their calves but this is serious - this one is mine!

My first stab at it was:   Jennifers Locked & Loaded we would call her JiLL - Corny but a start!

What's in it for you? 
My undying gratitude, the satisfaction of knowing you helped name a beautiful heifer and if you want I will send you a glossy 8x10 of me and the heifer you helped name - heck I will even autograph it!



  1. Iam terrible at coming up with names...I.e. We named a bull we just had Ricky...You wouldn't think it wouldn't be hard, but it is! Good Luck

  2. Correction- you wouldn't think it would be hard...

  3. From the sire & dam's names: Jent's Grand Girl. Call her GG for short.

  4. Congrats on your new heifer calf! Very cute and as far as names go, I always let my kids pick them out....I'm terrible at it!

  5. I second Laura Bridges. Call her GG